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Jennifer Pollock

The Headbands of the Treasure Island Music Festival

Headbands of the Treasure Island Music Festival, a photo diary from Saturday.

SF the Best City in the U.S...Again. But is Sydney Better?

Well, we did it again. For the 17th time. Conde Nast Traveler readers (who, you know, are quite the picky bunch) have once again voted San Francisco the best city in the U.S.  And worldwide, we scored higher (at 84.8) than both Florence (84.6...who needs Renaissance art?) and Vancouver (82.3...mountains? pshhh). In fact, only Sydney (our sister city, nonetheless) beat us out score-wise with a 86.9.  So they have an opera house and kangaroos...whatever.

Treasure Island Sells Out Saturday: What Bad Economy?

Craigslist is blowing up! The Treasure Island Music Festival, one of the most hotly anticipated music bonanzas of the year, has sold out for Saturday (tickets are going for $100 or more on Craigslist).  It's one of the only festivals to sell out this year, proving that people will still pay top dollar for an AMAZING lineup. Do you think Saturday's lineup is better than Sunday's?

Get Nostalgic With Disney Classics at the SF Symphony

If you don't have a soft spot for the music of Disney movies, there's something seriously wrong with you.  Next Friday (October 16) The San Francisco Symphony celebrates the opening of the new Walt Disney Family Museum (check out our profile of Founding Executive Director, Richard Benefield) with a night of classics from Cinderella, Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Fantasia. Kids under 17 are half off so find someone to babysit and get your nostalgia on.



BlogHer Founder on What Makes a Good Food Blog

The first-ever BlogHer Food Conference went down this past Saturday at the St. Regis hotel and was completely sold out.  We caught up with BlogHer co-founder and COO Elisa Camahort Page to talk women power bloggers, food blogging in general and the state of new media.

What, in your opinion, makes a good food blog?

The Nightman Cameth and Wenteth

The Nob Hill Masonic Center was filled to the brim last night with a boozy crowd lucky enough to snag tickets to the SF leg of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, "The Nightman Cometh" live tour. The semi-sensical musical, performed by cast members Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney and Danny DeVito was a victory lap for one most delightfully dysfunctional TV shows in history. There was a bit of improv, there was a crowd sing-a-long to “The Dayman” and there was Danny DeVito in troll-gear. All-in-all, a win.

SF Bands All Up In Pitchfork

We’ve got some serious hometown pride going right now – two SF bands are featured right now on Pitchfork TV - The Dodos (premiering their video for “Fables”) and Girls (who perform “Substance” atop a Brooklyn roof). Check them out below.

So You Think You Can Beer Pong?

Okay, so maybe you've graduated from Bar None. But you know that you still love yourself some beer pong from time to time. That's why we feel it's our duty to inform you of a little event called The World Series of Beer Pong, which goes down in Las Vegas (where else, really?) this January. And the qualifiying rounds are happening in the Bay Area this Thursday. So sharpen those skills and get out there.

Jorge Colombo's Sweet SF iPhone Sketches

Jorge Colombo's now-famous iPhone art (which has graced the cover of The New Yorker) has until now, only chronicled the streets of New York.  But now, the former San Francisco Magazine art director has taken his Brushes skills to the road, and the first city he's i-sketching is our fair San Francisco.  Give your apartment some SF love and snatch up his latest work: sketches of the Castro Theater and a downtown

The Walt Disney Museum Comes to Life in the Presidio Oct 1

Richard Benefield’s introduction to cinema—and to the world of Disney—was not exactly positive. The first movie he ever saw was Old Yeller, and we all know how that ends. “It affected me on a very deep emotional level,” says Benefield. Now, decades later, Benefield is settling into his job as the founding executive director of the new Walt Disney Family Museum, a homage to all things Disney housed in a renovated building in the Presidio and slated to open Oct. 1.

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