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John Kim

Cupcakes to Celebrate: A Charity Event

When this whole cupcake trend started a few years ago, most of us excused it as a Hollywood trend. No, we were better than Paris Hilton and her little cupcake and her little Chihuahua. Well, we were wrong—this city has embraced the miniature cakes to their collective breasts. This Sunday, February 21, Cooks Boulevard will host a charity event for the San Francisco Food Bank. Tasty cupcakes will be provided by Jasmine Rae Bakery, Mission Minis, Kingsom Cake and Teeny Cakes.

Make sure to RSVP to guarantee your cupcake tasting experience. Every dollar will go towards alleviating hunger in our city.

Bargain of the Week: Buy A Painted Lady for $4 Million

It's a buyer's world right now, and it's starting to show. The oldest and largest of the Painted Ladies (also known as Postcard Row) in Alamo Square is, after 35 years, up for sale! At 4,600 square feet, it's almost believable that before the current owners took over, the house was a safe-haven for hippies in the 70's. Hilarious to think that a rumor of an FBI raid was what got them to leave. What's more? Countless movies, photographs, and books have been recorded of the monumental house over the years.

The Economics of Art

We know that finance is struggling, but how do creative industries survive in this economy? Glamwatch's own Lorraine Sanders will be moderating a forum discussing the Economics of Art. As the epicenter of independent and local talent, is San Francisco suffering compared to the rest of the nation? Talk it out with designers, bloggers, retailers and other entrepreneurs in the local fashion scene, who will share their relationship and thoughts on the topic. The proceeds from this event will benefit the San Francisco Fashion and Merchant's Alliance's efforts to revive San Francisco Fashion Week.

Drop by The Barber Lounge (854 Folsom St.) with open ears on February 11, 2010 from 6-10 p.m..

The 8 pm Valentine's Day Flash Mob: Pucker Up

We all had so much fun at our last restaurantd-driven Friday Flash Mob that not doing a Valentine's Day camera opp would be heartless of us. Show us (and the rest of San Francisco) what you're doing on Valentine's/Single's Awareness Day. But we have one directive: The photo has to include a kiss! So pucker up for your lover, your cat, your spouse or your booty call and get your iPhone out.

Here's Your Chance: Scriptapalooza

It's probably every writer's dream to go to Hollywood, produce a single genius screenwrite and live off those livings for a century. Scriptapalooza is the chance for those handful of amateurs to pursue their dreams in getting picked up by the bigshots. Disney, Miramax, Big Light and Bender-Spinks, names that bring fear and admiration to the hearts of screenwriters, will be in attendance to review the works of hopefuls. The grand prize? Aside from the chance to be read and critiqued by industry leaders, the first place winner will receive $10,000 and a year-long promotion as Scriptapalooza staff.

High Hopes for SFMOMA

A bit of hard work and dedication never hurt anyone. Our beloved SFMOMA has already amassed $250 million out of their $480 million campaign goal. Money will be used for renovations, include tripling of the public space, expanded educational programs, enhancement of exhibitions and other services for the public. Particularly the anticipated Fisher Collection, a prized accumulation of private modern and contemporary art, will be sure to up the SFMOMA's street cred. Perhaps the new burst of support is from the Gap collaboration, but we're in full support either way. Their 75th year is off to a great start.

Winter Olympic Frenzy at Ghirardelli Square

The time has come again. Men will be in skin-tight bodysuits (for the mere reason of air-resistance, of course) and performers in glittery outfits galore. Yes, the Winter Olympics 2010 festivities are nearing, and Ghirardelli Square seems to be as excited as we are! Starting February 12, they're holding themed activities that will reassure your embarrassing obsession.

Halloween is no longer the only day of the year where you can dress up as Apolo Ohno and get candy for it. The Pub will have a viewing party of the Opening Ceremonies on February 12. Viewers are encouraged, and even rewarded, for dressing up as your favorite Olympic tribute. The prize? Gold, Silver, and Bronze shot specials. Genius.

Speaking of Activism: Robert Redford's Visit to the Kabuki

With forty years of commitment and service under his belt, Robert Redford has proven that there is no time limit on social activism. This year he's dedicated to "The Art of Activism," a series of events born at the Redford Center's new headquarters in Berkeley. Redford plans to share his pearls of wisdom in person on February 4 at Kabuki Cinemas from 7-9 p.m.. Over the course of the evening, he'll guide you through what motivates people to get involved and what it means for him to be an activist. To complement Redford's speech, two locals—Victor Diaz and Avery Hale—will be honored. Diaz is principal at Berkeley Technology Academy, while Avery founded the charity "Step by Step" at age 12. The affair will end with a call-to-action for all participants.

Score Some New Shrubbery at the Plant Exchange this Weekend

So there's that ugly unidentifiable flower growing on your windowsill that a friend or family member probably bought for you, thinking you actually enjoy cacti. A simple solution may be just around the corner -- on Valencia and 19th to be exact. The Park is hosting a Plant Exchange on January 23 from 5-8PM.

Though we think the name explains it all, here's the rundown in case you're confused. Bring a plant you hate or have too much of (and dead one's don't count), show up to The Park, find a beautiful alternative, and voila! If you ask us, it's a fantastic play on the old saying, "One man's garbage is another man's treasure."


Youthquake: Young SF Native To Debut Collection

We always love an emerging designer in this "youthquake" generation. Stanford alumni Wayne Hwang is showing his first runway collection this Friday, January 22 at the Roe Lounge (651 Howard Street). A design novice he is not -- Hwang has done numerous work under the label W Design for Charity Fashion Show and proven himself as a force in Palo Alto.

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