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Jordan Mackay

Report Card

A simple Google search on the terms Thanksgiving and Wine yields just over 5 million web pages. For wine writers, responding to some imagined American SOS call in choosing a wine for Thanksgiving dinner has become somewhat of a cottage industry. It's the rote column every wine writer has to write, as in this one from the blog  The problem, they say, is finding a wine that works with all the disparate elements on the table.

Drink and Be Merry

Welcome to the drinking blog. Every week, I'll be corresponding in this space about all the fun one can have in this town when it comes to imbibing.

One such place—a new spot in the Haight called The Alembic (—might be technically considered a restaurant with a bar, but in fact it is the opposite. Most of the long, narrow space is dominated by a long and generous bar, while the dining area is civilly kept small and to the rear.
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