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Karen Palmer

Greatest Hits

photography by Stefanie Michejda

Sadly, this is my last blog entry for 7x7. After a year and a half at the magazine, I’ve decided to pursue another career path.

Some people might think I’m crazy. Whenever I’ve told a new acquaintance that I write about restaurants and food, the usual response is, “That’s my dream job!” And it truly has been an incredibly cool job. I’ve met and interviewed some really interesting people, have gone to fun events, and have eaten at some of the city’s best restaurants.

Golden Egg

Lately the humble egg, normally reserved for breakfast, has gotten a lot of play at the dinner table at some of the city's best restaurants. In fact, one of the best creations I'd tasted last year was Vernon Morales' poached egg with bacon ice cream at the unfortunately-now-shuttered Winterland.

In a Pickle

Best Use of the Deep Fryer in 2006: Weird Fish (2193 Mission St, 415-863-4744)

Health concerns aside, you can't argue with the goodness of just about anything that's deep fried. My nominee for favorite new deep-fried item of 2006 is (drumroll, please): the fried yo-yos at Weird Fish in the Mission. Basically, they're thick slices of fried dill pickles served with a chipotle dipping sauce. They're wonderfully briny, crunchy and a much more interesting side than ho-hum fried potatoes.

Let Them Eat...Cupcakes

One of the perks of being a food writer is getting free samples. Recently we got to try a few cupcakes that had just been photographed for Elizabeth Falkner’s upcoming cookbook, Demolition Desserts: Recipes from Citizen Cake (to be published in September 2007 by Ten Speed Press). The book will include an entire chapter on cupcakes.

The two we tried, pictured below, were decadent and delicious. My favorite part? The filling, which reminds me of eating Hostess cupcakes, only these are obviously much more refined.

Upper Crust

The openings of Pizzeria Delfina (, Little Star (, which recently expanded with a second location in the Mission) and Bruce Hill’s Picco in Larkspur ( in the past year or two had everyone touting SF’s “pizza renaissance.” As an East Coaster—who lived in Italy and in New York City for a few years—I still don’t think most of the ‘za here holds a candle to NYC. I’m not a pizza authority, but most of what I’ve tasted (with some of the exceptions listed above) have been lackluster.

Get Saucy

I’m a condiment girl. When I order a burger, I slather the bun with ketchup and mustard (preferably Dijon, but yellow will do in a pinch). I dump Papalote’s ( blended salsa on my fish tacos, and I love dipping Frjtz fries ( into roasted-pepper mayo. Heck, even when I was a kid, I’d demand barbecue, sweet and sour and the oft-neglected honey so I could dunk my Chicken McNuggets to my heart’s content.

Refresher Course

Welcome to 7x7’s new Eat+Drink blog. Every week, I’ll be writing a little something about restaurants around town, whether it’s a great new space or a tip about an old classic.
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