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Kimberly Chun

Flesh and Fantasy: ‘Nine’ Spurs a Look Back

Girls, girls, girls! Judging from the amount of female pulchritude on display, admired, lusted after, idolized by Nine’s obsessed director Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis), feminism never happened.

One can only hope Nine’s audience never saw the cinematic classic this onetime Broadway musical hit is based on -- Federico Fellini’s 1963 masterwork, 8 1/2 -- because memories of the original will completely ruin their experience of this pale pretender.

Wonderful Streep at the Center of ‘It’s Complicated’

It’s a wonderful thing -- that a major Hollywood studio has allowed a 60-year-old actress like Meryl Streep to carry a rom-com like It’s Complicated for a change. (Diane Keaton appears to be the only other female star permitted in that privileged, miniscule circle.) Yet a few immediate questions stir the waters and send ripples through an effective suspension of disbelief for even the most rah-rah advocates of older women’s cinematic representation.

Headlights Tangle With 'Wildlife'

Moments of hook-dappled enticing pop and instances of skirt-twirling uplift dart across the ethereal surfaces of Headlights’ latest album, Wildlife (Polyvinyl), but the eerie “You and Eye” might provide the key to the Champaign, Ill., combo’s headspace.

Make Sound Art: ‘Unsilent Night’ At Dolores Park This Saturday

The Flaming Lips broke out the boomboxes to make art, and this year, once again, you can, too.

Get in the act when “Unsilent Night,” New York composer Phil Kline’s free, all-volunteer outdoor boombox holiday concert, is unleashed on a far-from-silent-and-sleepy Bay Area for a seventh annual performance on Saturday, Dec. 19, at Mission Dolores Park.

Renowned Bay Area Photographer Larry Sultan, RIP

Sad to learn that Bay Area photographer and California College of the Arts professor Larry Sultan passed away Sunday at 63 of cancer in his Greenbrae home. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Sultan was diagnosed with sarcoma just a scant few months ago, in August.

Talking ‘Bout ‘Star Wars’: The Infamous ‘Holiday Special’ Screens Tonight

Last call for the Star Wars hall of infamy! Man, I wish I was able to attend tonight’s screening of the Star Wars Holiday Special, presented by the Free Form Film Festival at Artists’ Television Access. Dubbed “the worst two hours of television ever produced” by various critics, the special was apparently aired once during the holiday season in 1978, never to be released on video (though apparently available on DVD).

Pinging Ping Pong Gallery’s Holiday Happy Hour

Take that, beer pong. I dig a nice, silly beer pong tourney as much as the next paddle-happy fool -- and I’ll even take a turn on the crooked table at Thee Parkside can be a blast. But here’s your chance to merge art, beer-drinking and free play. True to its name, Ping Pong Gallery is hosting a holiday happy hour on Dec. 18 that combines artists and friends, chopping serves and plentiful brews.

Trapped in the Closet: A Gorgeous ‘Single Man’

The guy can’t help it -- in fact, he’d rather flaunt it. Tom Ford is a romantic. There, I’ve said it. The evidence is all over the loving, lingered-on, sleek surfaces of A Single Man, Ford’s directorial debut. Don’t mistake this for the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man -- between these two and the multitude of films with Nine in their title, one idly wonders whether there’s such a thing as far too many people being on the same page -- though A Single Man is clearly one of its kind.

Cool School: Bebel Gilberto Mixes It Up At Bimbo’s

New bossa nova doyenne Bebel Gilberto has done a lot of growing since her SF debut back at the turn of the century at Bimbo’s 365 Club. Her 2000 debut, Tanto Tempo, had just come out on Ziriguiboom and local imprint Six Degrees and the recording was only beginning to reach the ears of both Brazilian music fans and electronica coolios, both world pop aficionados and lovers of well-chilled downtempo beats.

Mochipet Alert: Dancing With Cause

SF music-maker and underground superstar DJ Mochipet, aka David Wang, has toiled a Web designer, tug boat dispatcher and jazz-radio record-spinner. Nowadays, judging from his Facebook dispatches, the down-to-earth and friendly Daly City Records honcho seems to be getting a chance to do the do full-time, at home and abroad.

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