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Leilani Labong

Is Studio Choo Poised for Bay Area Floral Domination?

There is a mutiny afoot in the world of Bay Area floral design. It’s brewing—or blooming, rather—inside an old garage space in South San Francisco, headquarters of newcomer Studio Choo. Though co-owners Jill Pilotte and Alethea Harampolis are quietly staging a rebellious uprising from their years of composing modern arrangements of super-pointy tulips wrapped in bare-grass loops for SF’s art gallery-cum-floral studio Rose & Radish, they consider their painstakingly meticulous training under R&R owner Cate Kellison among their most cherished work experiences.

Pop Up Magazine: Magazines Live!

A recent Friday night in the Mission yielded an intriguing tapestry of events: a spirited introduction to Pee Wee’s Playhouse set designer Wayne White, a demonstration of a super-high-intensity laser pointer from China, an amusing customer-service comparison of UPS and FedEx drivers according to a particular monk population in rural Colorado. The soundtrack of electro-pop samples and gleeful noises of Cambodian children playing in the ponds at Angkor Wat added a charming ingredient to the mix. Too eclectic, you say, even for the Mission? Enter Pop-Up Magazine.

Pick Up a New Hobby at

If you’ve ever wanted to pick up a new hobby but balked at the cost of equipment, Rematch Sports has you in mind. The sporting goods consignment store in Russian Hill is stocked with gently used items, from snowboards and wet suits to fishing poles and tennis rackets. Get the gear for a relative bargain and, if you find the sport is not for you, sell it back to them later. 1567 Pacific Ave., 415-830-9470,

Hot 20 2009: Sean George, COO of Navigenics

Photography by Jen Siska.

Given that Sean George is a self-confessed “great admirer of women,” it comes as no surprise that a girl named Claire is to blame for the biotech executive’s lack of sleep. “I work a lot, so I don’t get much sleep to begin with, but with my 2-year-old daughter (shown here), I get even less,” says George, COO of Silicon Valley darling, Navigenics. The company provides genetics screening and prevention guidance for 28 common chronic conditions, including diabetes, breast cancer and heart disease—all you need is a dab of saliva and $999. “Our customers are interested in long-term health, and I’d say that having Claire definitely makes me think more about sticking around for another 50 years.”

Best of the City 2009: Day

How to spend a day in San Francisco? We’ve got a few (dozen) ideas—go sailing, picnicking and hiking, walk like an Egyptian, settle in for story time or grab a bleacher seat to watch the Giants take the Astros to the cleaners.

Best Dog Day

Best of the City 2009: Design

Best Flowers: Sweet Nest Bouquet from Rose and Radish

If sorry seems to be the hardest word, let a Sweet Nest Bouquet from Rose and Radish—a delightful pairing of fresh flowers in a collectible Nymphenburg porcelain vessel —do the work for you. The Hayes Valley retail store recently closed its doors, but its art-driven perspective continues on its Web site, now featuring an online gift registry.

Best of the City 2009: Day

Best Dog Day

The city’s newest doggie day care is the eco-friendly High Tail Hotel, which uses plants, grass, natural light and an oxygen system to re-create the outdoors in its 5,000-square-foot indoor facility. Think of it as a biodome for man’s best friend, a romper room where they get to munch on tasty organic kibble. The best part? You’re not on cleanup duty.

Best Day in the Park

Best of the City 2009: Fashion

Best Children's Wear Collection: Modaspia

Local Etsy Shop We Love: Hannah Stouffer

Local illustrator Hannah Stouffer, daughter of wildlife documentarian Marty Stouffer, finds inspiration in a “grand array” (also the name of her online Etsy shop) of pop-culture emblems, which are neatly disorganized into graphic mash-ups emblazoned on everything from posters to pillows.

Hot 20 2009: Author Stephen Elliott

Photography by Anön.

A recent entry from writer Stephen Elliott’s Twitter page: “Interning at McSweeney’s today and then heading to a porn shoot.” An illuminative morsel, to say the least. The Mission resident does not, in fact, intern at the Valencia Street publishing house; he merely bleeds its free Wi-Fi.

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