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Lily Gahagan

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1275 Inner Sunset Studio

City living is, by nature, not for the claustrophobe. Live here without a trust fund and at one point you'll probably have an apartment the size of a half-bathroom in the Midwest. Fair enough; we're all for small-space living, and it's a price most would pay to live here. But something feels inherently wrong to us still with living, eating, and sleeping in the same room. The pungent cooking fumes saturating your sheets, dirty dishes infiltrating your dreams–and don't even get us started on crumbs in the bed.

Inspired by The City: 6 San Francisco Art Prints

The dramatic shifts in terrain, intricate architectural details, monumental landmarks, and culture collisions that make up San Francisco provide endless stimulation for the eyes, and endless inspiration for the artist. This Valentine's Day–or any day, really–show your appreciation for the town you love with a print commemorating our City by the Bay.

New to us:

General Store Opens In The Sunset

Sunset, represent! Buzz around the outer reaches of the neighborhood has been building this past year, thanks in part to the opening of Outerlands back in March and a consistent stream of quality art shows at hip surfer hangout Mollusk. It's about to reach fever pitch though, thanks to the recently opened General Store.

Hot 20 Honoree Takes Her Design Revolution to the Road

Searching for quality, inexpensive design can be a challenge: For every Muji, there are a dozen high-end designers selling curios for four figures a pop. That's not to say we don't covet quite a few of said curios, and usually the price matches the quality, but... shouldn't everyone get to have good design in their life?

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1395 1 Bdrm Downtown Digs

Usually to get your hands on a rent controlled apartment you need to have lived in the same place for a long time, or inherited a great deal from someone very kind. To get a rent-controlled place handed to you by a stranger? Not likely. That is, until this week's Craigslist deal showed up. In exchange for helping the current renter out of their contract, you get a new lease (no awkward "lease on a lease" or secrecy from the landlord here) without getting the monthly rent raised. It's a sweet deal made even sweeter by the look of the place.

Perch is 2! Celebrate with a Sale

When news first hit a few years ago of a new home design store opening on Chenery, we lived not so far away and anxiously awaited its opening. It finally did, and the charming collection of goods along with the friendly staff instantly stole our hearts, becoming a must-visit stop on any trip to Glen Park.

Get Big, Fancy Architecture Books on Sale at William Stout

This weather! Aside from battening down the hatches, there's little it makes you want to do but cozy up indoors with a good book and a cup of tea. If you're minus a quality tome at the moment, pop out during a lull in the storm today and race over to William Stout. The Jackson Square bookstore (which recently opened a second location at 678 Mission St) specializes in archtectural reads, and has a crazy-extensive collection on the subject (and beyond). From now through Saturday they're having a 30% off sale on all overstock titles published before 2000.

Bay Area Design Community and Beyond Steps Up to Help Haiti

The Heath Ceramics weekend donation drive may be over, but there are still plenty of other ways the design community is working to aid Haiti's earthquake relief efforts. Here's our list of organizations, stores and artists and how they're helping out:

Design Within Reach has pledged to match up to $50,000 in donations to UNICEF. Take advantage by submitting your donation through the DWR website.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1750 1 Bedroom Across from Buena Vista Park

A spacious Victorian sounds like an oxymoron; usually these quintessential San Francisco homes are heavy on architectural charm but short on space and light. However, this ground floor unit located across the street from Buena Vista Park manages to have its built-ins and room to enjoy them, too. The living room and bathroom both offer plenty of space to move about, and the kitchen looks like a traditional galley that's been stretched to accommodate even the most ambitious of cooking projects.

Local Etsy Love: Fabric from Swanky Swell

The decorating style over the past few recession-racked years have been all about slapping on a coat of paint, wallpapering, reupholstering – basically any way of prettying up the less-than-perfect without breaking the bank. Here's hoping the new year brings more prosperity than the past one, but let's also hope that the upcycling, DIY mentality that's been prevalent stays put.

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