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Lily Gahagan

Homme, Part Millinery, Part Antique Shop Open in Russian Hill

We love a classic combo (peanut butter and chocolate, heels and a black dress, etc) but there's something to be said for unexpected duos, as well. Take Homme for example, the new boutique recently opened in Russian Hill. Part millinery, part antique shop, it's not a pair you'd think to find together... and yet it somehow works. Must be since owner Michelle Homme is equally versed in both sides of the business–she is both an interior designer and hat maker, after all.

So You Think You Can Design? Enter AIGA's Competition

A label on a bottle of wine; a colleague's desktop calendar; the layout of an article. Good design can crop up anywhere, and it's impossible to know what it will look like until you see it, but when you do, you instantly know. For over 90 years, the American Institute of Graphic Arts has attempted to chronicle the designs that make you stop and look, and then look again; the crème de la crème of of the graphic design world, if you will.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1500 Downtown 1 Bedroom

Apartments near downtown are usually either a. too expensive; b. in the Tenderloin; or c. way, way too expensive. This listing, located at Stockton and California, is surprisingly none of the above. It's within walking distance of Union Square and the Financial District, and a steep enough hill away from Chinatown to discourage throngs of tourists from meandering nearby.

2010 Design Predictions: Oriental Rugs Return

Nesting has been in full effect since this stinker of an economy reared its ugly head a few years ago, but 2009 was when it really kicked into high gear. Like the resurgence of backyard gardens and heirloom crops in food trends, people are DIYing and looking for true value over cheap substance at home, as well.

Neutra-Designed Home Available in the Marina

Thank you, Curbed, for calling our attention to this beautiful Richard Neutra-designed Marina home for sale now at just shy of $4 mil. Look familiar? You might have seen it featured in Sunset Magazine or in the pages of the Examiner. The stunning design is actually a duplex originally created by the Modernist master for two area doctors and their families. Around 1993 it was purchased by the current owner, an architect who has spent the last decade working to restore the home to Neutra's original vision.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1395 Nob Hill Studio

Cozy: Usually a positive word suggesting snugness, comfort, or warmth. It's generally considered a compliment when describing a home, but not however, if stated in a Craigslist advertisement. There, "cozy" is code for "painfully small", plain and simple.

No doubt this studio in Nob Hill is tiny, but for $1395, that's to be expected. What's surprising is that it's got a recently renovated kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances and granite countertop, as well as a supremely sharp bathroom. (Marble mini subway tiles? Yes, please!)

2010 Color Predictions: Make Way for Mauve

Around springtime, world-renowned color provider Pantone unveils its color trend predictions for the coming year. 2010's forecast included palettes inspired by broad and varied subjects like "Africa", "farmers' markets", and "the night sky". Surprisingly though, one color seemed to permeate each group: Shades of purple, and in particular mauve, were everywhere.

So what does that mean for 2010? Expect to see more big box stores incorporating the hue in their upcoming collections. For example, West Elm has already added a few mauve-toned pieces to their bedding and room decor departments (shown at left).

Flowie Textiles Brighten the Post-Holiday Home

Sigh. Taking down holiday decorations is such a bummer, but what can you do? The week between Christmas and New Years already feels like limbo, and that tree in the corner isn't helping anything. That said, getting rid of everything the day after all that celebratin' seems a tad harsh.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1395 Studio by Dolores Park

On the one hand, this studio is located in a pretty sweet spot: It's one block from Dolores Park, two from the J-Church, three from Tartine and Delfina, and right in the midst of all the shopping and restaurants the Mission has to offer.

Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers for the Home

Tick-tock, time is almost running out until gift-giving is upon us. If you've got everything bought and wrapped, a gold star goes to you. But for those out there who are still on the hunt for proper pressies, it's time to forget the overnight shipping charges and start thinking local. Here are our picks for the best stocking stuffers around town.

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