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Lily Gahagan

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1050 Tenderloin Studio

There are generally two types of city inhabitants: those eager to jump into the thick of metropolitan life in all its gritty, raw beauty, and those who balk at the thought. If you consider yourself the former, this week's Craigslist deal is for you. Located downtown in the 'love it or leave it' Tenderloin, it's not a home for the weak of heart. But for central location, ease of transportation, and authentic city living, it can't be beat.

Put on your Shopping Shoes: White Elephant Sale and Alameda this Weekend

Need to find a dining table, redecorate a room, or hell, furnish an apartment from top down? This is your weekend. Being the first Sunday of the month, of course you can head over to Alameda for the monthly flea. There's always plenty to discover, and now that the weather is (hopefully) giving us a few days of sunshine, it could be the perfect time to catch up on finds that may have eluded you during the copious downpours endured these past two months.

Forest Hill Maybeck Home Up for Sale

Take a cab ride across the the southern end of the city, and you may notice that the streets get a little curvier; dappled sunlight peeks through large oaks above and, as if on cue, the houses grow a tad bigger. Have you stumbled into suburbia in the middle of a metropolis? Close. You've just found your way to Forest Hill, the tony neighborhood just south of the Sunset but light years away from nearby city hamlets.

Currently Loving: New Pigeon Toe Ceramics at Branch Home

We've been searching for a cute hanging planter for a long time, and let's just say it hasn't been pretty. Want an army green plastic number? There are plenty of those, along with a few heavy pots that must require an elaborate bracing system to keep it from ripping out your ceiling. But a simple ceramic number for all your hangables that doesn't cost a fortune? You'll be hard-pressed to find one...

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1495 Russian Hill Studio

Looking for the quintessential San Francisco experience? How about living in a stately Victorian with cable cars running right outside your house? That's what you'll get with this week's Craigslist deal, a remodeled studio in Russian Hill. The main room features a high-coved ceiling, refinished hardwood floors, and ample windows that both let in a lot of light and provide a spot for gazing out onto the bustling street below. The kitchen has been decked out with all manner of modern conveniences, from handy dishwasher to our favorite, the beloved garbage disposal.

Rain, Rain Go Away: How to Keep the Weather Outside of the House


Ugh. Local news is forecasting another week of rain on top of rain. We're so over it, but at least at this point we feel pretty prepared to handle all this madness. Here are our picks for local products that'll keep the wet outside where it belongs.

Escape the Rain this Weekend at the Pacific Orchid Expo

We didn't make it to Carnaval this year... or any year, for that matter. Instead we'll get pumped about celebrating not with booze, not with crazy parades filled with debauchery, but with... the Pacific Orchid Expo? Okay, it's not exactly the same as partying it up in Rio, but for orchidophiles, it's about as exciting as it gets.

Presidio French Normandy Number=Decorator Showcase Home

Decorator Showcase time again already? Well, not quite. The home, a French Normandy number located in the Presidio (of course) at 3450 Washington Street, won't be ready until May, but we're already hearing who has been chosen to adorn the the place.

While we bide our time until the home's debut, ogle the beautiful work of the participating designers through their websites (we're currently loving the Charles De Lisle Workshop portfolio) and ponder what in God's name a "quiet room" could be. Sounds like a place you get sent to when you've been bad.


Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1450 Marina Studio

A studio on Union? Hmm... you're planning on getting into some trouble, aren't you? A perfect crash pad for a bro or broad new to the city, you'll be within spitting distance to the heart of the Marina's nightlife. And since it's a studio, you won't have to hear it from your roommates the next time you bring the after-party home.

Vertical Gardens Exhibit Takes Root Downtown

Despite the number of parks we're lucky enough to have around here, spending your days among the cement paths and buildings of the city can still leave you longing for more greenery. If you get that feeling, you're not alone. The past decade has shown gardens popping up everywhere, from rooftops to the sides of buildings and anywhere in between. The trend doesn't seem to be waning, either, as these unexpected pops of green are not only a welcome change to the typical concrete jungle, but could be the answer to providing locally grown sustainable food to city dwellers, where the space for traditional gardening methods may not exist.

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