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Top Chef Masters' Rick Bayless Mixes Up the Party-Perfect Summer Margarita

Life without margaritas would be a dismal one. As everyone's favorite tequila drink, it's a mainstay at parties, bars and on beaches. But just a few years ago, they were far from popular.

We have celebrity chef and recent Top Chef Masters contestant Rick Bayless to thank for changing that. He's has been championing Mexican food and its perfect companion the Margarita for decades.

Oakland, CA: The Birth Place of the Mai Tai

What do you think of when you think of a Mai Tai? Sandy beaches? Palm trees? You'd probably never think of Oakland, which is where the Mai Tai was born in 1944 at venerable cocktail man Victor Bergeron's original Trader Vic's restaurant. The quintessential tropical drink went on to be a staple in both exotic locales and tiki bars, far from its origins in not-so-exotic Oakland, CA.

Classic New Orleans: Cocktail Inspiration from the Big Easy

The Big Easy is prime cocktail territory - they even have a museum dedicated to them. Drinks are rightfully consumed there morning, noon and night, including classics like the Sazerac (pictured here) and the Ramos Gin Fizz, and up-and-comers like the Hand Grenade and the Hurricane. If you can't make it to NOLA anytime soon, you can still enjoy their drinks. Our comrades at have an ever-handy recipe guide to the best Big Easy drinks, delicious especially when it's extra hot outside.

Maker's Mark 46: Talks Whiskey with the Iconic Bottler

Maker's Mark, the iconic bourbon maker that has been bottling up its classic recipe since 1953, has added a new recipe to its repertoire: Maker's Mark 46, which debuts at the beginning of next month. Bill Samuels Jr., whose parents dreamed up the original recipe and bottle design complete with dripping wax for Maker's Mark, talks to about this shocking new move and why the new 46 blend will be perfect for the Maker's Mark whiskey pantheon.

Beyond the Tie: Four Boozy Gifts for Dad

Sure, you could get your dad some socks. But we're betting he'll like a booze-related gift more. Here are four last-minute Father's Day gift recommendations from our mixologist friends over at

Fresh Strawberry Cocktail Recipes

Frozen daiquiris are cool and all, but it's strawberry season - why not try the real thing? Here are three summer strawberry cocktail recipes from our friends at


Conquering Whiskey:'s Bourbon Cheat Sheet

If you step into any liquor store worth its salt looking for a good bourbon, you'll likely be confronted by more choices than you'll know what to do with. To help you narrow it down to the good stuff, enlisted Knob Creek's whiskey professor Bernie Lubbers to create a bourbon cheat sheet. It's a run down of different bourbon styles like traditional bourbon recipes, high-rye recipes, and traditional wheat recipes.  Conquer bourbon once and for all.


Sophisticated Sipping: The World's Rarest Whiskey

Got some extra cash to spend and sophistication to boot? gives us a run down of some of the oldest and rarest whiskey on the market today. Trust us, these aren't the beer-and-a-shot kind.



Glenfiddich 50-Year-Old (Sold at auction for $38,000):

Summer Drinking: Beer Cocktail Recipes

Sometimes you want a beer and sometimes you want a cocktail. But why not have both together? Drink recipe mecca gives us three refreshing beer cocktail recipes for summer enjoyment. Cheers!

Beggar's Banquet
Contributed by: Aisha Sharpe

Bloody Mary Recipes for Your Bay to Breakers Pre-Party

Bay to Breakers means a lot of things, but mostly it means drinking. In the morning.

And for those of us without the stomach for beer pre-10 am, here are a few Bloody Mary recipes to start your day off right (courtesy of our friends over at




1. Charlie Palmer's Bloody Mary

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