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Mathew Honan

Locked & Loaded: Get Coffee Smart With La Marzocco in Berkeley

If you want to see where coffee is headed (other than the Mission, we mean) head over to Berkeley for La Marzocco's Out of the Box event today. It's your last chance to catch workshops, classes, contests and demos on everything coffee. It's also a chance to sample some of the region's premiere roasters brewing their own beans, and check a slew of fancy equipment from La Marzocco, Hario, and others.

Locked & Loaded: Meet the City's Newest Old School Roaster, Ecco Caffe


One of the Bay Areas most established roasters will soon be a San Francisco newcomer. Ecco Caffe, the Santa Rosa-based roaster known for its amazing selection of organic coffees, will soon be roasting out of (and opening shop in) San Francisco. We sat down with company founder Andrew Barnett to find out more.

7 Rockin' SF Foursquare Deals

Most Foursquare specials are weaker than a free topping on a frozen yogurt. But a certain few make it worth the extra trip.


4 SF Hoods You've Never Heard of and Why Your Friends are Moving There


Quick. Where’s Portola? How about Balboa Terrace? Maybe it’s time you find out. Meet four families who fled SF’s cool-kid neighborhoods to find a kinder, gentler life in some of the city’s best kept secrets.


One of the city's most celebrated muralists leaves Alamo Square for even more artistic inspiration.

The Outerlands: Leaving Lower Fillmore For Portola's Perks

Hilltop views of the water? Check. Safety? Check. Easy commuting? Check. One couple leaves Lower Fillmore for Portola’s perks.<--break->

California natives Jeffrey Allen and Danielle Baer seem in many respects like San Francisco sterotypes: He DJs, she’s an artist who costumes up for ComicCon, and both regularly hit the playa for Burning Man. Yet in other ways, they very much retain their Southern California roots: In surfer fashion, his hair defies gravity while she commutes to her Genentech job. And they were dying for a yard.

The Outerlands: Brian Barneclo & Mary Nite Leave Alamo Square for Mission Terrace

One of the city’s most famous muralists leaves Alamo Square for even more artistic inspiration.

The Outerlands: The Excelsior

Rather than leave their ’hood, one family tore down their dilapidated childhood home to resurrect it as a modern, urban dwelling.


The Outerlands: Leaving Noe Valley for Balboa Terrace

After failed attempts to live bridge-and-tunnel, a family of four trades bustling Noe Valley for a single-family home complete with front lawn.<--break->

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