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Melissa Goldstein

Best Making of the Band: Blue Bear Music School

You’re just as likely to see a preschool percussionist as a baby-boomer bassist emerge from the Blue Bear School of Music’s bustling Fort Mason Center headquarters, where jamming is key and age ain’t nothin’ but a number. The nonprofit community school has been rocking out since 1971, attracting thousands of kids and would-be professional musicians for an array of affordable private and group classes. We’re huge fans of the quarterly nighttime gigs around town, where you’ll find gathered the unlikeliest of onstage bandmates (think: middle-aged engineer-mandolin-player alongside 20-something blues-crooning barista.) A bonus?

Unsettled Business

Melissa's "I Dig Older Men" Playlist

Due to copyright issues some songs on this playlist may be reduced to 30-second samples. For the full-length tracks check out our 7x7 imeem page.

Movie Madness: Horror and Hollywood Hit SF’s Theaters

Abstain from obsessively renumbering that Netflix queue—Weeds Season 3 still has a “short wait.” This week and next it is all about getting out to the movies. Putting Sex and the City and Ironman aside, let’s talk festivals—’cause let’s face it: SF loves it some festivals.

Here Here at 330 Ritch

Courtesy of Misha Vladimirskiy

Operation Desert Storm: <i>7x7</i> Takes on Coachella Part 3

Kid Sister; photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Most Likely To Employ a Buddy System When Leaving Indio: I’m From Barcelona

Operation Desert Storm: <i>7x7</i> Takes on Coachella Part 2

DeVotchKa; photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Here's a report from the sonically scorching day two of Coachella:

Coachella Performer with the Coolest Buddy List: Mark Ronson

Operation Desert Storm: <i>7x7</i> Takes on Coachella

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Of course, there was Prince and Portishead and Roger Waters and the rest. But on the heels of this year’s Coachella Music Festival, we’re bringing you a rundown of the artists who earned some less-expected distinctions. Here's a look at day one at Coachella.

Raconteurs Raconteurs

Maker Faire: On the Make

The Guitar Zeros' equipment

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