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Melissa Goldstein

Luck of the Draw

Courtesy of Southern Exposure, design by Jenifer Wofford

Race for the Obscura

Got a weakness for buttoned-up, hyper-literate bands from Scotland? No way!

Me too.

The Electric Horseman

photography by Tim Saccenti

Georgia on My Mind

photography by Rennie Solis

Day is the New Night

Yes, I realize this blog is called Nightwatch, but in honor of the upcoming Superbowl weekend, I’m dedicating this week’s entry to two commercial-free daytime events that I’ve been looking forward to that don’t even remotely relate to Janet Jackson jokes. This Saturday marks the first installment of Last Saturdays (1pm–4pm;—a monthly South Beach gallery walk (winding through such worthy off-the-beaten-track art destinations as Gallery 16 and Arthaus) that promises to be Mission Bay’s answer to downtown’s first Thursday series—and comes complete with complimentary mimosas.

You Say It’s Your Birthday

photography by Stefanie Michejda

Last week I attended a fellow Capricorn’s birthday party at Martuni’s (4 Valencia St., 415-241-0205) and—this just in—discovered I loved Martuni’s. I guess it’s not that much of a shock: I love martinis, finding the letter ‘u’ in unexpected places and pretty much anything retro-kitsch so why it took me this long to get there in the first place is itself a bit of a mystery.

For Art’s Sake

Thanks to my office’s Union Square location (and my job of course), I’m a frequent visitor to 49 Geary. I rarely, however, manage to time my visits to First Thursdays—the one evening out of each month when SF’s downtown galleries roll out the wine-in-plastic-glasses treatment for the city’s aspiring arterati.

Clinton Fein's "Torture"                                                 Chris Tallon's "Six Pack"

Wholph Parade

Courtesy of the Onion Society for Beer Enjoyment

Battle of the New Year’s Eve Bands

There’s no better way to hide from New Year’s Eve than to see a concert. Some might think that staying in and having a “quiet” New Year’s is the solution, but that little plan can backfire in a depression-inducing “no-bbq-to-attend-on-the-Fourth-of-July” kind of way. With the My Morning Jacket show long sold-out, my money’s on the Blonde Redhead show at Mezzanine ( or Birdmonster at Bottom of the Hill ( to be Jan. 1’s topic of conversation. Here, a quick breakdown of the pros of cons of each show. The rest is up to you.

Blonde Redhead

Holiday Pick-Me-Up

Welcome to the nightlife blog. And by nightlife, I mean, my life at night; which pretty much breaks down to too many nights out grabbing drinks and seeing live shows when I should go straight home and do laundry/get “a jump” on the week because it’s Monday and that’s what you’re supposed to do on Mondays instead of sharing a pitcher of margaritas (but what’s the point in each person ordering one salt-rimmed glass when you’ll both inevitably want another?).

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy
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