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Michelle Konstantinovsky

Beyoncé Brings Sasha Fierce to Oakland

If you’ve never bought into the concept of people being born to do certain things, you’ve never seen Beyoncé live in concert. 

The artist otherwise known as Sasha Fierce (the onstage alter-ego for whom her newest album is named) brought her “I Am” tour to the Oakland Arena Friday night and performed an electric two-hour set full of energy, emotion, and rock star attitude. After witnessing her nonstop show, it’s impossible to imagine the former Destiny’s Child frontwoman/current solo superstar doing anything else with her life besides dominating a crowd. Beyoncé was born to perform, period.

Wanderlust Ticket Giveaway

Wanderlust, a one-of-a-kind summer festival combining yoga, music and nature is just weeks away!

Pool Hunting: SF's Outdoor Pools, Found

We may not have LA’s warm blanket of smog or Miami’s awesome DayGlo beachwear, but we still do summer pretty well here in SF. And believe it or not, for those few treasured days of unadulterated sunshine, our fair city even offers some amazing outdoor (and even rooftop!) pools. Check out these surprisingly summery locales and you’ll forget you’re still in city limits—until the first foghorn sounds.

Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center
1675 Owens Street

Rogue Wave Gets into Yoga

Wanderlust is just weeks away, and joining the likes of Michael Franti, The Honey Brothers and Amanda Palmer onstage at the 3-day health and wellness festival are Bay Area boys, Rogue Wave. We chatted with lead singer, Zach Rogue, about staying healthy and getting inspired.

Where to Get Your Michael Jackson Tribute On This Weekend

If Michael Jackson's sudden, tragic passing yesterday left you too bummed to plan any upcoming outings, don't fret. MJ fans throughout the city are uniting on the dancefloor to pay tribute to the legendary entertainer. Here's a quick guide on where to moonwalk for some MJ love:

Guide to Pride: Prime Parade Spots, Parties, Beyonce's Little Sis and BoA

It can be fun to get lost in the crowds, but if you’re looking for some semblance of a plan, here’s our roundup of the top events this weekend:


King Tut Reigns Again at the de Young

It's official. The Boy King is back in The Bay. It's been 30 years since the record-breaking Treasures of Tutankhamun exhibit hit San Francisco, and now Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs is ready to reign supreme at the de Young.

SFJFF's New Media Initiative: Watch the Jewish Film Festival Online

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival has screened revolutionary films for 29 years, and now they're revolutionizing the way you learn about them. Just launched today, The New Media Initiative brings hundreds of rare, independent, international and archival Jewish-themed films straight to your laptop.  The site also features downloadable podcasts and videos, streaming media, educational materials and social networking.  Basically, if you've ever spent time geeking out on IMBD, expect to spend hours with the New Media Initiative.

Amanda Palmer's Love, Music, and Wanderlust

Amanda Palmer is in a good place right now. Not only is The Dresden Dolls singer riding the success of her 2008 solo album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, but she’s ready to release the record’s accompanying book of photos, she’s madly in love with the book’s renowned author, Neil Gaiman, and she’s gearing up to headline July’s Wanderlust Festival with some of her best buds.

Ask Bruno Anything

Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen's alter ego (well, alter-alter ego, considering Borat), is ready to cause more of a stir. Though his movie doesn't premiere until July 10, Bruno has been making headlines by disrupting fashion shows, crashing crotch-first into Eminem's face at the MTV Movie Awards, and posing nude on the cover of this month's GQ. And now's your chance to get inside the faux-Austrian television host's mind. On June 30, Baron Cohen will appear in all his Bruno glory on's Digg Dialogg.

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