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Michelle Konstantinovsky

Memorial Day Benefit Concert with Sting, Bob Weir and More

What could be better than capping off a well-deserved three-day weekend with a superstar-studded concert? Capping it off with a superstar-studded concert that benefits some unbelievably deserving charities.

Outside Lands Becomes Even More of a Hot Ticket

As if you needed more reasons to attend this year’s Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, the organizers have gone and added even more artists to the already packed lineup. Taking place in Golden Gate Park August 28th-30th, the second annual, three-day extravaganza features headliners like Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Beastie Boys, Incubus, Black Eyed Peas, M.I.A., Jason Mraz, Modest Mouse, and TV on the Radio.

Wanderlust Redefines the Summer Festival Experience

Throw all those preconceived notions of summer festivals out the window. Forget the aggro mosh pits, scary camping conditions, and mid-afternoon burnout you normally suffer by day 2. A new kind of summer festival is headed your way, and it’ll replace that post-event exhaustion with a rejuvenated after-show glow.

SF is the New Cancun

Notice a sudden surge in out-of-towners dropping cash in Union Square on your lunch breaks?  It’s not your imagination, nor is it a spontaneous SF obsession sweeping the nation. It’s the good ol’ swine flu (a.k.a. the H1N1, a.k.a. That Other Name No One Uses) at it again! A fleet of cruise ships has docked at our fair piers, rerouting South of the border-bound travelers to a decidedly less exotic climate. Health authorities put the brakes on all nonessential travel to Mexico, fearing any more swine-related disease be transmitted back to the states.

Bad news for eager, pale vacationers; good news for the city’s economy.

Britney Brings the Circus to San Jose

Descending from the ceiling in full-on ringleader regalia (minus pants, plus fishnets), Sunday's headliner left no question as to who remains pop music’s reigning princess.

It’s Britney, bitch (sorry – couldn’t resist).

Screams filled the San Jose HP Pavillion the night of April 12 as Britney Spears took the stage for the first of two Bay Area stops on her whirlwind Circus tour. More Cirque de Soleil than Barnum & Bailey, the show incorporated acrobatics, pyrotechnics, and a smattering of nightmarish clown makeup. But nothing could outshine Ms. Spears herself, who, after what some might call a “tumultuous” year and a half, elicited the same frenzied reaction fans have been giving her since “…Baby One More Time” topped the TRL countdown in ’98.

Jen Bekman’s 20x200 Collectors Confab

Art lovers and thrifty shoppers turned out in droves for Jen Bekman’s 20x200 Collectors Confab on Monday to peruse prints and sip cocktails at Chronicle Books.  Jen Bekman, 20x200 artists Jessica Snow, Clifton Burt, Mark Richards and Chronicle CEO, Nion McEvoy were all in attendance.

Show Review: Lily Allen at the Warfield

It’s almost impossible to believe that the Lily Allen of Saturday night’s Warfield show is the same Lily Allen who graced the Great American Music Hall back in ’07. Almost. Only her sheer, “casual” encore ensemble and recurrent pleas for an indoor cigarette conjured up memories of Allen’s previous incarnation. No, Saturday was all about Lily 2.0 – sexy, confident, and pitch-perfect, the singer held nothing back as fans screamed their adoration throughout the hour-long set.

20x200's Jen Bekman On Collecting Art Without Breaking the Bank

Let’s be honest: Those blacklight posters don’t really carry the same weight they did in your college days. Maybe it’s time to graduate from dorm life and upgrade to some legitimate artwork. But before you blame your apartment’s drab décor on the spiraling economy, check out this amazing site: 20x200. New York gallery owner Jen Bekman is bringing limited edition, covet-worthy originals to the masses through her online endeavor. Named after the project’s first batch of 200, $20 prints (in their own words, “200x20 just didn't sound as good”), the site now offers a variety of editions and sizes.

The Bachelor's Lisa Marie Gonzales on Finding True Love in SF (at Bar None)

27-year-old Lisa Marie Gonzales knows a thing or two about the dating game. That game specifically being ABC’s hit reality show, The Bachelor. Gonzales grew up in Boise, Idaho, relocated to California in 2000 to attend the University of San Francisco, and has been a Bay Area girl ever since. In celebration of The Bachelor’s season 13 finale on Monday, March 2, the Public Relations Executive reflects on romance and shares her tips for San Francisco singles.

7x7: How did you become one of the 25 contestants in The Bachelor’s dating pool?
Gonzales: I submitted a photo online, and from there they asked me to fill out an application and do a video, then a more detailed application, then they flew me out to LA.

Adele Sweeps San Francisco

Gleefully referencing her appearance on the infamous “Sarah Palin episode” of Saturday Night Live, Adele giggled to Shanghai 1930’s packed room, “I guess it didn’t work out so well for her, but it certainly worked out for me!” Indeed it did. An established hit-maker in her native UK, Adele had yet to break into the American music scene by late 2008. That is, until she scored the musical spot on SNL’s October 18 episode, was seen by an estimated 14 million viewers, and topped the iTunes charts the very next day.

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