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Rossiter Drake

Disposable Film Festival, Practice Fusion Announce Winners of First-Ever Health Contest

Web-based medical-records provider Practice Fusion recently announced the winners of the Disposable Film Festival's inaugural Health competition at the company’s new headquarters in Union Square. Now, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can judge the honorees from the privacy of your living room.

IndieFest's Another Hole in the Head to Close Thursday with a Trifecta of Chillers

It's time to close the casket on the eighth Another Hole in the Head Festival, IndieFest's annual celebration of horror and the occult, and how better to do it than with the mortifying savagery of Philip Gelatt's The Bleeding House, Calvin Lee Reeder's Sundance oddity The Oregonian, and the Bay Area debut of Grave Encounters, the first feature offering from so-called "Vicious Brothers" Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz?

Frameline's LGBT Film Festival Kicks Off 35th Anniversary on June 16 at the Castro

Frameline, the world’s largest resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender media and film, will celebrate the 35th anniversary of San Francisco's International LGBT Film Festival beginning June 16 at the Castro Theatre. An 11-day showcase for more than 200 cutting-edge films from countries including Iran, Algeria, South Africa and Thailand, Frameline35 will also hold screenings at the Roxie Theater, the Victoria Theatre and Rialto Cinemas Elmwood in Berkeley.

14th Sonoma Film Festival Kicks Off Tonight with Two Exclusive Sneak Peeks

The 14th Sonoma International Film Festival, an annual celebration of cinema, fine wines and gourmet foods set in the picturesque heart of the Northern California countryside, begins tonight with two sneak-peek attractions: the world premiere of You May Not Kiss the Bride, Rob Hedden’s screwball romantic comedy about a photographer unwittingly ushered into a breakneck adventure when he’s forced to marry a Croatian mobster’s daughter; and Journey from Zanskar, Frederick Marx’s documentary about the last remaining original Tibetan Buddhist society.

IndieFest Offers Free Football Festivities with Super Bowl XLV: Men in Tights

Eager to support the city's 13th annual Independent Film Festival without sacrificing a minute of the NFL's much-anticipated championship game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers? Not a problem.

Josh Brolin Gets Ugly for ‘Jonah Hex’

Jonah Hex, who first appeared in the pages of DC Comics in 1971, may not boast the same marquee value as DC colleagues Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. But, after several cancellations and subsequent resurrections, the half-dead bounty hunter has found new life on the big screen, as the titular antihero of director Jimmy Hayward’s latest adventure.

Although Hex’s failure to earn a huge following in print must have tempered expectations for the movie’s box-office potential, it afforded Hayward and star Josh Brolin some creative latitude in their depiction of a hard-drinking former Confederate soldier determined to avenge the murder of his wife and child.

Former San Francisco Chef Turned Filmmaker Examines the Post-9/11 World in ‘The Oath’

Laura Poitras is no stranger to conflict. After making her directorial debut in 2003 with Flag Wars, a provocative examination of tensions stirred by urban gentrification in Columbus, Ohio, Poitras traveled to Iraq for her 2006 follow-up, the Oscar-nominated documentary My Country, My Country, in which she monitored America’s occupation during a six-month period leading to the 2005 national election.

‘Toy Story 3’ a Worthy Addition to the Pixar Oeuvre

Has Pixar set the bar too high? There’s nothing really wrong with Toy Story 3 – on the contrary, there’s so much right that it would be tempting to overlook its shortcomings altogether. But we get paid for full-service reviews, so it is with slight hesitation that I applaud the conclusion of a memorable trilogy.

Why the misgiving? Everything would appear to be in place. Pixar once again has created a spectacle unlike any other, unsurpassed in its visual brilliance and in the richness of detail evident in its characters and the world they inhabit. It is a movie that demands repeat viewings, as the intricacies of its artwork can’t be appreciated fully in a single sitting.

San Francisco's International LGBT Film Festival Opens Tonight

James Kent's The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister – a BBC-produced period drama about an English gentlewoman who prefers the fairer sex – opens Frameline34, the 2010 edition of the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, tonight at the Castro Theatre. Tickets for the 7 p.m. screening are no longer available for online purchase, but those eager to attend can try their luck at the Castro box office.

Former bin Laden Bodyguard Recalls al-Qaeda Radicalism in ‘The Oath’

“I told him America can’t fight without planes, girlfriends, pizza and macaroni. But our jihadis can live on stale bread.” So says Abu Jandal, Osama bin Laden’s former bodyguard, who argues with a prospective jihadi that the murder of American innocents on 9/11 was justified, a simple strategic strike that represented a great symbolic victory. “Tarzan wanted to enter the region,” he says, meaning the Middle East. “Now he must pay the price.”

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