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Sara Deseran

Dinner of Champions

My friends recently brought home a spread from La Palma Mexicatessen (2884 24th St., 415-647-1500), my favorite one-stop shop for taco fixings, from beans to salsa to chile verde to thick, hand-patted, still-warm tortillas that you watch them make right there. But it was little bag of homemade papitas fritas—potato chips that come with hot sauce to douse them with, that was devoured with the most relish. These chips (thick, crunchy, not too greasy) are four-star quality. Perfect with a martini—which was our aperitif.

Hard Living

Every Christmas my mom bakes. A lot. This year, because we’re going to be in Mexico for the holiday, she “only” made a few things: makowiec, an Eastern European bread aswirl with raisins, almonds and poppy seeds; limpa, a Swedish molasses-based bread with anise; sweet potato refrigerator rolls (her new favorite thing; see for a recipe) and my personal favorite—persimmon pudding with hard (bourbon) sauce.

What's On My Desk

I’m sitting in front of my computer eating my lunch yet again—something I swore once I’d never do.

Holding Court

Body Heat

Get Up and Dance

For this blog, I’m going to continue to write about the memorable moments I have out there exploring the food world. But as much as I love the food itself, the markets and the restaurants, I tend to gravitate towards stories about the people that make it happen.

Case in point: A recent night in Half Moon Bay back at the Ritz Carlton’s second annual Inside the Kitchen event (—a late October weekend of excess, including a lot of amazing food and wine, top chefs from the Bay Area and Las Vegas, cooking classes and more.
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