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Sarah Lynch

I Could Live Here: 1972 Napa Estate

In a week I'll be heading out for a weekend at my friend's summer house in the Catskills, which has led me to fantasize about having a fabulous vacation home of my own.

This vacation home, a 1972 estate in Napa, not only has an ivy-clad brick turret for a front door (!!!) but a pool, bocce courts, horseshoes, a hot tub and four bedrooms. At $2.35M, it's a far-off fantasy but I can still pretend. Here's a transcript of what I might say as I gave JT (my Catskills host) a quick tour... Read more...

How We'd Fix Up the Historic Nightingale House

Offered at $1.575, the historic Nightingale House is a maze of strangely make-shift rooms, but with a little love and lot of white paint, I could easily live there.

A Tale of Two Houses: Which Sausalito Dream Home Would You Choose?

A tale of two Mediterranean-style houses in Marin—one a perfect replica of an old-world villa and the other an implausible makeover of a 19th-century church. Here's a dilemma that I wish I had: Would I rather spend $7.5M on a new Spanish-style home, which was customized for every modern convenience? Or would I rather spend $3.2M plus roughly another $2M to make this very cool (in theory) church renovation into a more livable dream home? Read more...

Highest-Rated LEED Certified Residence in CA Just Sold in SF For $13M

Renew, recycle, reuse. Who knew this mantra would not only ban plastic grocery bags but help jump-start SF's real estate market as well. Bay Area developer, Troon Pacific obviously knew, when they decided to give 2342 Broadway, a circa-1900 home a to-the-hilt green renovation. Bringing in Doane + Doane Architects who revitalized the front facade and opened up the interiors to create a modern open floorplan for energy-efficient natural lighting, heating and cooling, Troon was creating the ultimate luxury city home from a $6M fixer-upper purchased in 2008. (Kind of a smart way to while away the recession.) They added enough solar panels to cover 30 percent of the 6,500-square-foot house's electricity needs and a 1,070 rainwater storage tank to irrigate the landscaping.

Who Needs a 17,000 Square Foot Estate in Atherton?

Perhaps you've seen this $15M estate in Atherton, but get a load of the bargain across the street!

On the market since 2008, the 1909 Hopkins McNear estate in Atherton is 17,000 square feet of impeccable design. Built as a wedding gift from E.W. Hopkins to his daughter Georgiana, the house is a rare piece of Bay Area history that puts some of Newport, R.I.'s finest estates to shame (sorry, Mom). Read more...

Facebook, Razorfish Offices Take Home Interior Design Awards

Great interiors from the winners of Northern California's IIDA Honor Awards

The local design community gathered at Oakland's Fox Theater on March 25 for the annual
2010 Honor Awards sponsored by the International Interior Design Association.

Awards went to a juried selection of projects from member firms, designers and students, including the special Pioneers in Design award, which was given to Cameron Sinclair and Kate Stohr, the founders of nonprofit organization, Architecture for Humanity.

I Could Live Here: Lake District Envy

Is it possible for me to get this house as a hand-me-down? My friend (and former photo editor) Stefanie is selling her house. It is sad to see an ultra-urbanite give it up for the 'burbs (which I've extolled for the sunbathing factor for years!) but it's even sadder to realize that I can't have her house. Shouldn't you be able to pass along a house that would look good on a friend (in this case, me) the same way you would hand down a dress you've outgrown??? Read more...

The Dreamiest Roof Deck in SF is Bigger Than My House

I heard about this house from one of the designers who helped stage it, and I couldn't wait to have a look at these photos. However, I do not recall him mentioning such stats as 8 bedrooms, a 2,500-square-foot roof deck and the fact that this brand-new home has been 9 years in the making (though I'll admit I may have had a glass or two of wine when I met said designer)!!! I do recall the $12.9M price tag though and I remember thinking, "oooh, I'll bet I love it!" But just to be sure, I checked out a few other SF houses in that range and I have to say that none compare to this one. Read more...

Got $6.5 Mill? Our Marin Dream Home

I’m not a homeowner yet, and I’ve just realized why not. Aside from the obvious (single gal’s publishing salary does not equal fabulous housing in Bay Area) there’s the less obvious issue of house commitment. I love so many different types of houses—old, new, traditional, contemporary, shingled, stucco, A-frame or saltbox—that I can’t imagine having to chose one to live in for long enough to be a sane investment. But my new blog assignment is to do just that: to share my favorite real estate listing once a week. Read more...

First Bite: Plant Cafe Offers Waterfront Views and the Promise of Organic

Last night's opening of The Plant Café on the Embarcadero—the second location of what was formerly called Lettüs Café in the Marina—marked the dawn of a mini organic empire for owners Matthew Guelke and Mark Lewis. Softly lit by dozens of Edison bulb pendants, the restaurant catered to stylish couples and eco-moms, enjoying a peak at the historic shipping station resuscitated by architect Cass Calder Smith—who also designed the nearby La Mar Cebicheria.

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