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Zem Joaquin

Curious Jack Makes Waves in Green

Jack Johnson is not your typical dude in a band. In addition to embracing a totally unique acoustic style, Jack is all about making the world a greener place. A life-long surfer, the Hawaiian-born musician told Surfer magazine to green the zine back in 2005 while serving as a guest editor. Readers were so jazzed by the request, Surfer consequently cleaned up its production process.

Greening your Crib Like the Stars

What do Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sheryl Crow have in common? In addition to stunningly fast metabolisms, they all tuck their babies into Q Collection Junior cribs.

The Yoke of Yoga

Prior to ecofabulous (and motherhood), I was so enthralled with yoga, I became a certified instructor and started my own line of gear.

Far from a simple exercise workout, yoga, which means "yoke" or "union," has deep green roots. Its ethos includes "ahimsa," which is a pledge of nonviolence toward the planet. Easy to see how this downward dog applies to the goal of sustainability. To revere the earth, as yoga advises, start by visiting the Green Yoga Association to find a teacher committed to eco-friendly practices.

Sex and the Sustainable City

One of the ladies on my team at ecofabulous braved the crowds last week to see Sex and The City. And what she took away from it was a strong hankering for a Cosmopolitan. Better than a Manolo craving! So we've set out to make the delectable Cosmo truly ecofabulous. Here's how:

1. Pour in two parts Modmix (Modmix concocts the most delicious Pomegranate Cosmopolitan mixer made entirely from certified organic ingredients).

A Cure For the Summertime Blues

At first sip, MateVeza  tastes ... interesting. But by the third sip, my little after work impromptu office party couldn't get enough. The yerba mate-infused cerveza has an unexpected kick that sets it far apart from other beers. It has a decidedly herbal finish and a natural stimulant, making it both unique and compelling. Now I’m not saying swap your morning cup of joe for a bottle of this earthy brew, but the next time you have some friends over for a BBQ and don't want to take a 3 p.m. nap, pop open a MateVeza and make your event a hopping success.

Doggie Delights

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