Back to the Garden: It's the final shopping days (through Oct. 20) at Azalea Boutique (411 Hayes St.) for pieces from EDUN, the hip and rock-star glam clothing line launched in 2005 by Bono, his wife, Ali Hewson, and designer Rogan Gregory.

Led by Leigh Matthes, fashionistas have already been poring over racks of this fabulous Fall 2008 collection titled Nocturne, which features sumptuous knits, silks, jeans and Ts in rich, gorgeous hues of plum, black and aubergine. Yummy!

Leigh hosted friends to meet her pal, Ali Hewson, who was in town to celebrate this pop-up boutique which is graciously being housed by Azalea. The concept is sort-of a flash-fashion event of now-you-shop-it, now-it's-gone.

But Hewson (sans her hunky husband who was in NY finishing up the latest U2 offering) hopes that a stand-alone boutique will launch soon. Most likely in New York. In the meantime, EDUN can be found online as well as at Nordstroms and Barneys.

A portion of sales from this cocktail reception and pop-up fashion event benefited OnexOne and the H2O Africa Foundation that raises awareness and mobilizes the fight for clean water in Africa.

Aside from being super stylish, EDUN features organic cotton and eco-clothing produced by African countries in order to create sustainable employment in developing countries.

"The clothes have to be good-looking for the business," said Hewson. "It's not just about giving to the cause, it's about helping to improve lives and create jobs in third world countries.

"Within developing nations, trade is far more powerful a tool these days than just aid. The inspiration of EDUN is to create a business model that others can follow -- a model of sustainability," enthused Hewson. "Besides, if you look good, you feel good!"

Leigh Matthes agreed: "All my girlfriends go, 'Wow,' when I introduce them to Edun! They love that the clothes are not only great looking but come with the added incentive of supporting a great cause."

Last seen? Mom and filmmaker Hilary Armstrong holding up a pair of chic, black stirrup pants and wondering aloud, "Hey, these would be great for picking up the kids at school!"

Big Screen: Lots doin' with the San Francisco Film Society, those fine filmic folks who, annually, every spring deliver to film lovers the beloved SF International Film Festival.

Spotted last week at Florio (that bistro of chic and good eats on Fillmore Street): SFFS Executive Director Graham Leggat, SFFS Board Member Will Hearst III and the French Consulate's Cultural Attaché Christophe Musitelli who hosted cinephiles in celebration of the successful run of the society's new French Cinema Now series.

"This is for people who love French film and French food!" enthused Hearst.

There's even more to love these days as, under Leggat's leadership, the Society has morphed into an almost year-round celebration of film -- from the daily magazine, FilmHouse Residencies for visiting filmmakers, regular SFFS screenings at the Kabuki Sundance Cinema, an educational partnership with the Film Arts Foundation to world premieres and the new My First Film series featuring talks by filmmakers.

First up? The world premiere of Pig Hunt, the highly anticipated horror-esque film directed by Jim Isaac and hatched from the fevered and bohemian brain of San Francisco's own author-producer Robert Mailer Anderson. This rollicking romp through the "verdant hell" of Boonville screens (Oct. 23, 7 p.m.) at the Clay Theatre.

Next at bat? A My First Film talk with filmmaker-producer Dale Djerassi on the making of Koko: A Talking Gorilla (Oct. 24, 7 p.m.) at the SF Film Centre in the Presidio. The 1978 documentary was directed by Barbet Schroeder and explores how this primate was taught to communicate with humans through American Sign Language.

Koko, a Woodside resident, has lived a long and storied career that's even included a bit of controversy.

News of which inspires us to shamelessly link to our favorite (evuh!) Bad Reporter comic by crazy Chronicle cartoonist Don Asmussen.

Save me a seat on the aisle, sweetie!


Photography by Catherine Bigelow


Leigh Matthes (left) and EDUN founder Ali Hewson

SFFS Board Member Will Hearst III (left) and SFFS Executive Director Graham Leggat

Wearing the goods are Marie McGlashan (left) and her twin, Eva Price

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