Christopher Bailey, creative director for Burberry, made a personal appearance at Nordstrom San Francisco Centre last week to help kick off the autumn/winter womenswear 2007/2008 collection. Bailey, who was awarded “Designer of the Year” at the GQ Men of the Year event, can name among his star-studded clientele actresses Sienna Miller, Demi Moore, Selma Blair and Reese Witherspoon.

Andrea Padilla_Rosanna Sida_Celia Bonello Model in Burberry Casey Johnson_Aaron Eddy
Andrea Padilla, Rosanna Sida, Celia Bonello                               Casey Johnson, Aaron Eddy

 Bronwyn Burnett_Jamie Brown Christopher Bailey Francis Hang_Fernando Valanzuela
Bronwyn Burnett, Jamie Brown    Christopher Bailey               Francis Hang, Fernando Valanzuela

Christopher Bailey_Marny Wasserman Kim Huynh_Jeanne Ngo Rhea Roberts_Beth Peterson
Christopher B., Marny Wasserman  Kim Huynh, Jeanne Ngo   Rhea Roberts, Beth Peterson

Sarah Hinckle and Nick Coso Teresa Tyson_Luisa Manfreddi_Amanda Wright
Sarah Hinckle, Nick Coso                                 Teresa Tyson, Luisa Manfreddi, Amanda Wright

Stephanie Katchmar_Jay O'Dell_Julie Hormaechea Stacey and Linda Schneller
Stephanie Katchmar, Jay O'Dell, Julie Hormaechea    Stacey & Linda Schneller

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