Packed with vivid and tangled history that spans continents and centuries, Alonzo King's latest ballet is set to music of the Sephardic tradition. Arab-Andalusian beats thrum under Hebrew lyrics and Middle-Eastern a capella meets its medieval roots. Expert dancers ply their trade while Turkey, Morocco, Spain, and Yemen represent in the world premiere of Resin

Also on the dance menu is King’s 1998 work, Who Dressed You Like a Foreigner?, noted by The New York Times for its virtuosity and imaginative duets. Featuring bright, compelling choreography executed by speedy yet graceful dancers, Alonzo King’s Lines is one of those companies where the performances are always worth a ticket. 

October 14-23. Novellus Theater, 700 Howard Street. Tickets are $15-65 at 415-978-2787 or