Bambino Watch reaches final days, Spork Opens, Cosentino v. Batali


Spork is open for business.

I’m happy to report that a host of new restaurants are flipping their signs to open. Finally! They’re all a short walk from my home in the Mission, meaning I’ll get in the door soon to give you the full scoop.

For now, in short: I received an email from Christopher Losa, proprietor of Bar Bambino (which I wrote all about in my recent post, Bar Bambino: T-Minus (about) 21 days). He writes, “I've got an opening date (fingers and toes crossed).  We'll be ready to welcome folks for our full menu on 26 April.” Do I need to remind everyone about the salami and cheese bar, and the bevy of paninis prepared by former Jardinière chef Lizzie Binder? Still not sure? When Christopher and I met some weeks ago, he was wearing the sharpest pair of Italian leather shoes. Italian shoes, Italian bar….I’m just saying, he’s walking the walk.

Just up the road, Spork (in the former Kentucky Fried death-trap) is also ready to welcome the Mission masses. First on my list: truffled grilled cheese and the in-side-out burger (I can’t help myself. I’m just so curious!).

Lastly, for those who have a cable package that allows free access to the Rachael Ray….er…..FOOD network, tune in Sunday night to watch local hero Chris Cosentino, chef of Incanto, in an Iron Chef throw-down  with Mario Batali. It’ll be beef heart vs. cocks combs, lamb spleen vs. duck tongue. Actually, I don’t know what the secret ingredient was, and I don’t know the winner, either. And I don’t have cable, so I’m afraid you all will have to fill me in. But don't expect to eat at Incanto Sunday night--they're closing the restaurant to cheer chef on. Go Chris!
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