Barneys New York Opening

photography by Heather Wiley & Drew Altizer

The much-anticipated opening of Barneys New York took place on Tuesday with great fanfare as SF's who's who along with visiting VIP like Barneys creative director Simon Doonan, actress Minnie Driver and fashion darling Derek Lam descended on the Union Square store to enjoy cocktails, a buffet dinner put on by Quince and a "disco inferno."

Douglas Kane_Scott Goele Yurie Pascarella Hillary Shephard_Stephan Jenkins
Douglas Kane, Scott Goele                Yurie Pascarella             Hillary Shephard, Stephan Jenkins

Kim Wilsey_Elizabeth Touw Jonathon Adler_Simon Doonan Caroline Warner_Michael Dianda
Kim Wilsey, Elizabeth Touw  Jonathon Adler, Simon Doonan  Caroline Warner, Michael Dianda

Audrina Garnett_Morgan Garnett Minnie Driver Howard Socol_Danielle Steel
Audrina & Morgan Garnett                    Minnie Driver                   Howard Socol, Danielle Steel

Kirsten& Keith O'Donnell Marcy Carmack Becca Prowda_Daniel Lurie
Kirsten & Keith O'Donnell                     Marcy Carmack                Becca Prowda, Daniel Lurie

Mary Ann & Joe Opperm_Vanessa Getty Barneys Opening Paula Fontenot_Gabriel Mendoza
Mary Ann & Joe Opperm, Vanessa Getty                                     Paula Fontenot, Gabriel Mendoza

Shelley Gordon_James Kotter Vanessa Traina Stacey Gordon_Catherine Mindel
Shelley Gordon, James Kotter            Vanessa Traina               Stacey Gordon, Catherine Mindel

Zem Joaquin_Julie Gilhart Samantha Traina Kirsten O'Donnell_Katherine Bettis
Zem Joaquin, Julie Gilhart                Samantha Traina              Kirsten O'Donnell, Katherine Bettis

 Guy Muzio_Paul Pelosi Gina Milano_Craig Lipton Alexis Traina_Trevor Traina
Guy Muzio, Paul Pelosi              Gina Milano, Craig Lipton         Alexis & Trevor Traina

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