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Bathing Beauty Bathing Beauty
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With all the gloomy weather earlier in the month, my mind has been fixated on exotic tropical locales, umbrella drinks and—most important—beach attire. If only finding a bikini was as easy as finding the accessories to match it. Like most women, I am on the perennial search for the perfect swimsuit. Similar to the quest for the most-flattering pair of jeans, finding the right swimsuit for your specific body type is frustrating and just simply the act of trying on skimpy swimwear under the oppressive florescent lights at the department store can really hinder your search. I bet even Kate Moss looks awful in that lighting. I shudder to think of trying on piece after piece of tiny spandex, but when you finally slip on that suit that feels like it was custom made for you it’s intoxicating. Another route is the online search, which saves you from the dressing room anxiety but, because trying on is not an option, this also provides a new set of obstacles. Just make sure to measure yourself accurately and if you are still unsure try purchasing two sizes (your usual size and one size up) just in case. Here are two summer-ready options I found online at cheeky lingerie website that are kittenish and undeniably sexy. Until then, I’ll be dreaming of white sand beaches and Tom Ford sunglasses while I splash around in my purple Marc Jacobs rain boots.
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