Battle of the New Year’s Eve Bands


There’s no better way to hide from New Year’s Eve than to see a concert. Some might think that staying in and having a “quiet” New Year’s is the solution, but that little plan can backfire in a depression-inducing “no-bbq-to-attend-on-the-Fourth-of-July” kind of way. With the My Morning Jacket show long sold-out, my money’s on the Blonde Redhead show at Mezzanine ( or Birdmonster at Bottom of the Hill ( to be Jan. 1’s topic of conversation. Here, a quick breakdown of the pros of cons of each show. The rest is up to you.

Blonde Redhead


Neither the Pixies nor Sonic Youth are in town, so who better to hang out with and wish today’s acts were as original as their '90s forebearers? Plus, there’s like a million other bands and DJs on the bill (including local faves Scissors for Lefty and video maestro DJ Mike Relm) and the whole thing goes until 4 a.m.

Con: This one’s pricier than the other option at $50 for advance tickets, and even more so if you’re springing for the “baller” tickets at $80 a pop. That said; $80 earns you line-jumping privileges, VIP access, private cocktail service and complimentary champagne. Usually those kind of New Year’s Eve perks come with some sort of
designated driver–commensurate financial sacrifice.




$20 is all that stands in the way of you and a night with SF’s own charmingly scruffy version of a Springsteen-fronted-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Plus: the band clearly appreciates the comic value of the random yahoo headline—see the Dec. 15 post on their blog:—about the world’s tallest man saving those dolphins). If you must holler a request that they’ll inevitably be playing anyways, my pick: the Strokes-with-a-dash-of-Bloc Party track “Cause you Can.”

Con: Sometimes getting a cab in Potrero can be a nightmare. But getting a cab anywhere in the city on New Year’s Eve is a nightmare, so stop acting like such a grown-up and worrying about your ride home and suck it up!

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