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Colin Kaepernick can do a lot of things. Apparently, he can do pretty much all of them well.

Sure, football season doesn’t kick off for months, but the San Francisco 49ers’ all-everything wonderkid quarterback is already making headlines with his arm  and not even on his field of preference.

Kaepernick, the onetime pitching standout at Pitman High School in Turlock, held first-pitch honors during Friday night’s Giants-Marlins game at AT&T Park (an eventual Giants loss). He then delivered an 87 MPH fastball to Sergio Romo that would have made Barry Zito blush.

Of course, whenever talking about the 49ers, their hated NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks have to be of mention.

Kaepernick unofficially “won” the pitching “competition” between Seattle’s young signal-caller, Russell Wilson, who also was a decent hurler in his day. On June 7th, Wilson tossed out the first pitch of a Mariners game in Seattle.

While the stadium announcers apparently announced it to be of the 98 MPH variety much to the delight of the Pacific Northwest, the official broadcast claimed that it was actually 75 MPH.

Advantage: Kaepernick.

It’s clear that there’s little love lost between Seattle and San Francisco.

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh recently commented on the Seahawks’ apparent issues with performance-enhancing drugs. That, naturally, didn’t sit well with them.

“He’s a coach. He’s never gonna be out there lined up against me,” Seahawks defensive back Brandon Brower told Sports Radio KJR. “I wish he would; I’d put my hands around his neck.”

Well then.

In actual 49ers-related news, San Francisco inked both offensive coordinator Greg Roman and defensive end Justin Smith to two-year extensions…  

Something’s fishy at AT&T Park.

Maybe Kaepernick playing for the 49ers isn’t such an audacious idea, after all.

OK, not really, the Giants weren’t only let down by their pitching in their recent whatever homestand, they were let down by everything.

The Giants experienced a rare losing stretch at AT&T Park, taking two of three games from the San Diego Padres before visiting Miami Marlins won three of four from the struggling Giants.

Yes, the same Marlins with the league’s worst record at 25-50. In spite of the hiccup(s), the Giants (38-37) stayed within striking distance in the tight NL West and are only three games behind the first-place Arizona Diamondbacks.

“You can try to make excuses but we didn’t get the job done,” said Matt Cain, who took the loss on Sunday even though he only allowed three runs in six innings. “We didn’t get some guys in when we needed to and we didn’t throw the ball like we needed to. We had some games where we had the lead and we didn’t finish it off. You have to kind of just say it’s over with and move on now.”

If the Giants need a spark, though, they’re about to get several. Reigning World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval returns from the disabled list today and they’re tasked with a visit to Los Angeles for a series with the hated Dodgers.

Everybody stop what you’re doing and look at this Warriors bro.

The entire NBA-watching world saw the Miami Heat defeat the San Antonio Spurs to win their second consecutive NBA title.

Still, the Warriors lingered in the background…literally.

This guy.

The Warriors had long since been eliminated from the playoffs, yet, that sideways-hatted Dubs fan managed to make a name for himself, whoever he is.

Anti-Dodgers since 1984: @seanswaby

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