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The Bay Area's Favorite Small Business: Vote on the Top 7 Finalists!

As we look forward to SF Small Business Week (May 16-21), we've asked 7x7 readers to vote on their favorite local small business from this impressive list of 49 nominees. After three weeks of voting, here are the 7 Bay Area businesses you have voted into the final round. Vote on these 7 finalists through May 10th, and we'll announce the winner at Flavors of SF opening event for SF Small Business Week on May 16th at The Metreon. The winning small business will win a flight of free ATM advertising from Wells Fargo, an advisory session with a panel of representatives from Wells Fargo Business Banking, a forum that will provide the business owner with valuable advice on raising capital and financing their business and equipment, marketing, HR and recommendations on general business practices.

Final voting round: May 2-May 10

Here are the 7 finalists (in no particular order). Vote for the business you think deserves to win! (Note: Each person's vote will only be counted once per day.)

Different Fur Studios
An industry legend hidden away in the Mission, the world-class Different Fur Studios has produced some of the biggest names in music like the work of Brian Eno and the Talking Heads' David Byrne, Neil Young, Flo Rida, The Black Lips, Stevie Wonder, and countless up-and-coming local acts. Owned and operated by a small staff, it's upheld the Bay Area as a prime birthplace of new and exciting music for decades.

Ike’s Place
Everyone's favorite Dolores Park meal, Ike's Place, slathers on the dirty sauce and makes a mean sandwich few can match. After oceans of NIMBY controversy and subsequent move, Ike's is back with new digs right across the street from their old locale, much to the delight of hungry meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. Cue the feeding frenzy.

SF Guitarworks
In a city of passionate musicians, a guitar and amp service center like SF Guitarworks is a necessity. They'll work with you until you're completely happy with the tone, sound and the way your instrument feels, and offer a lifetime warranty on all their work, whether your guitar is fresh out of the box or a vintage gem.

Happy Hounds Massage
Seasoned massage therapist Shelah Barr knows exactly what it takes to make your dog feel whole again. She's certified in Small Animal Massage Therapy as well as in Human Massage Therapy and Bodywork with a deep understanding of how dogs move and play, making her pet services and house calls around San Francisco indispensable to dog owners.

Betts Recruiting, LLC
When the economy goes sour, companies like Betts Recruiting become more important than ever. When many professionals are out of the job in the Bay Area, they turn to this top-notch recruiting firm full of experts to hook them up with full-time positions that fit all their individual needs.

Dream A Little Dream Events
This wedding planning company helps keep romance alive and well in the Bay Area with their beautiful, tailor-made events for couples in love and looking for the perfect ways to express it. For brides looking for the perfect wedding, Dream A Little Dream also offers choice Dream Bridal Tours, where women can explore the best wedding vendors in the Bay Area and look forward to a champagne brunch to kick off the day.

Japanese Weekend Maternity
Inspired by owner/designer Barbie White's dance background, Japanese Weekend Maternity is changing the look and feel in maternity wear, eliminating sloppy and non-functional clothing and transforming maternity style into contemporary, functional and comfortable clothing, made with quality fabrics and solid construction. They've even patented several styles that are innovative and fashionable, including the Ok™ Support Waistband, The hug™ Line, and the one-of-a kind MamaCoat™.

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