Be an Extra in the Harvey Milk Movie


Mention Harvey Milk and many people beyond the boundaries of San Francisco respond with “who”?

That’s about to change because a movie is being made about the late, openly gay San Francisco supervisor and soon much of the world will know about this great man.

Harvey Milk was America’s first openly gay politician, and his life was cut tragically short when another Supervisor, Dan White, gunned him down at SF City Hall along with Mayor Moscone in 1978.

Sean Penn plays Milk in this now in-production movie, directed by Gus Van Sant. It’s being shot around San Francisco over the next few weeks. And, you can be in the movie, too! The producers are calling for extras to partake in the memorial marches that took place after Milk’s assassination. They will be shot in the evening on Monday February 4 and Friday February 8. Check the website for times. Yes my dears, it will be a long night but who can resist the opportunity to be a part of movie history?

By the way, if you walk through the Castro anytime over the next few weeks you might notice a few changes. The movie producers have been painting parts of the hood to make it look more 1978 than 2008. The Castro Theater and Harvey Milk’s camera store will be featured heavily in the film.

This is great for San Francisco and great for the friends of Harvey who finally have their glorious and tragic tale told on the big screen.

See you on the movie set.


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