Beck's, the world's most popular German beer, has unveiled Beck's Sapphire, a distinctive, golden pilsner with a ratcheted-up ABV (6%), making it the perfect ice cold beverage to kick off your night at the club or at one of SF's star restaurants.

Think of this new brew as a sleek mix of the modern and the traditional. You'll taste the tradition in its brewing: Beck’s Sapphire is made in the United States with strict adherence to Germany’s Reinheitsgebot order, which calls for beers to be brewed using only four natural ingredients: Water, malted barley, yeast and hops. It's all-natural, just like we San Franciscans like it. The modern part is in its brewing technique, because they use special German sapphire hops, which give Beck’s Sapphire a remarkably smooth, sophisticated finish.

Whether it's a special occasion like New Year's Eve or a more spur of the moment hangout session with your friends, Beck's Sapphire's the perfect  choice to get the party started.

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