Beloved SF Restaurant Gears Up For Facelift


It’s a rare occasion that we have the early scoop on something happening in the city (either we’re hopelessly unpopular or we can chalk it up to the monthly vs. weekly thing), but today I have news—real, new news to share.

Beloved Jardinière is celebrating its 10th birthday with a facelift! The restaurant will close for a few weeks in August, then reopen September 13th with a new look. Now, don’t expect a total change…this is more like at Botox at lunch kind of makeover—the bones will stay the same, but the upholstery, carpeting and paint will all get a little refresher. When they reopen, they’ll have two new booths upstairs, as well as a small lounge area beneath the staircase. Best of all, the lounge will have it’s own bar menu, a first for the restaurant. We already have raved about their new cocktail list, under the tutelage of Thad Vogler (see our June Best-Of issue for the full write-up), and now we’ll have some vittles to snack on while we sip. Let's see: 10 years, a James Beard award-winning chef, new lounge, bar menu, and look--the restaurant is at the top of its game. We’ll post more details of the remodel as we learn them—but remember, you read it here first!

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