Patrick's Garden Berries

Jessica just asked me if I’m becoming the “fruit blogger.” I suppose there are worse things to be accused of. I’m admittedly a little bit obsessive. I love my peaches so much that I have a self-imposed ration, which guarantees me a peach a day until the farmers market rolls around again. For me, breakfast without a peach is just a big disappointment.

The latest news at the Alemany Farmers Market isn’t about peaches though—it’s about berries. Patrick’s Garden set up their stand there about a month ago and they have an amazing selection of tayberries, boysenberries (delicious!), loganberries, ollalieberries, both red and gold raspberries and blueberries. I’ve never seen so many types of berries from one farm.

I’ll be making summer pudding with them this weekend to bring up to my friends’ barbecue in Sonoma. Here’s the link to the recipe from my cookbook, Picnics (Chronicle Books).