photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

The Robert Berry boutique threw a party so that folks could check out the new summer collection while sipping on some bubbly. The event benefited nonprofit organization Children of Shelters.

Kerry Reed, Susie Birndorf     Julian Mazoue, Nina Kramps   Joy Venturini Bianchi, Robert Berry

Paul Moline, Ray Alvorado        Kate Mulhearn, Abigail Jacobs  Kerry Reed, Paul Moline

John & Erin Lowenberg            Michelle Dennen, Betsy Conway  Misty Meyer, Cathy Swindel

Hillary Herning, Marina Engen   Katya Sorokko, Jill Markey      Victoria Dade, Julie Veronese

Cynthia Herning, Therese Post   Erin & Annabelle Lowenberg   Hillary Herning, Melanie Leary

Robert Obowall, Catherine Calvert, Robert Connor

Kimberly Bakker, Patrick Herning, Shannon Bavaro

Michelle Curtis


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