Best Bets for Live Bay Area Music


While we try to figure out if Kanye West really is a god, I direct your attention to more earthly matters: 

Boys Noize, Mezzanine, Thursday

German DJ Alex Ridha describes his live shows as having a “more punk/rock ‘n’ roll vibe,” which seems hard to believe at first glance. Ridha has turned Boys Noize into a name house music entity by way of mammoth electro hooks and industrial techno techniques, everything that punk and rock is not essentially. But anytime a DJ can breathe fresh, vivid life into typically rigid house music, we salivate. Either way, there’s something for everyone in a Boys Noize track, whether you’re at your desk or pumping your fist at midnight.

Steve Miller Band, America's Cup Pavilion, Friday

There’s something delightfully tacky about the Steve Miller Band website that makes us yearn for simpler times, when the internet was the periphery rather than the nexus of all things cultural. Go even further back and consider a time when rock n roll was all about feel-good jams and conscioussness augmentation. When guitar solos went as long as they needed and ideas scoffed at cliches. When all you needed were a couple of guitars, a bass and a drum set to capture the imagination of a generation. And more importantly, when everyone knew about the Steve Miller Band. I think this time existed.   

She & Him, Greek Theatre, Saturday

The OMG set is all over this one. Zooey Deschenel, the darling of all hipster gossip blogs and postergirl for all things quirky, isn’t the new girl anymore on the indie rock scene anymore. She and M. Ward have been making whimsical ditties since 2008, at least whenever their schedules allow. Their latest album, Volume 3, is more of the same passionate, sultry indie pop songwriting fans found on Volume 1 and Volume 2. See also: Camera Obscura.

Com Truise, Neck of the Woods, Saturday

We’ve mentioned Com Truise in this space before, and we’ll revisit the electro chillwave producer momentarily. But first let’s discuss Neck of the Woods, a relatively new venue that’s booking impressive acts on a regular basis. You’re gonna want to bookmark their blog or like them on Facebook, whatever it takes to stay in the loop on happenings. If you haven’t made it out yet, Com Truise is a ridiculously good excuse to make an appearance. Think Neon Indian, minus the vocals. 


Patty Griffin, The Fillmore, Sunday

Forget yesterday was Father’s Day? Make it up to pops and take him to see Patty Griffin, whose seventh album, American Kid, is a tribute to her late father. She’s currently touring in support of American Kid, which includes songwriting that beautifully captures her relationship with her father before he passed in 2009. The album included cameos and legwork from folks like Cody and Luther Dickinson and the North Missisissippi Allstars. And some guy named Robert Plant.


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