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In honor of Marilyn Manson’s return to the Bay Area, we pose this question: ever wonder why mosh pits work the way they do? Read this Cornell University study, which explains their mysterious ways. Apparently this behavior is consistent with the predictions of simplified models, such as the way gas particles collide (or whatever). Moshers are merely acting in accordance with the natural state of things, so spare the kids your condescending look. It’s science. Mosh forth, child.  

Marilyn Manson, Tuesday, The Warfield

He’s back? He’s back. Or at least that’s what goth rock champion Marilyn Manson is attempting with his latest album Born Villain. He’s admitted in recent interviews that he “needed to make a comeback” after losing some of his artistic passion in the late 2000s. He’s been living in a warehouse-style spot in Los Angeles surrounded by only books, paintings, movies, pets and instruments. He says he’s newly inspired — and we can thank literary ghosts for that. The Independent (UK) sums it up nicely: “you notice references to Shakespeare, Baudelaire and the Greek myths. Say what  you like about Marilyn Manson”: you don’t get that stuff from Slipknot.”

Coheed and Cambria, Thursday, The Warfield

High-concept, high-reward is the general sentiment surrounding prog rock outfit Coheed and Cambria. Nothing changes on its latest album The Afterman: Descension, the sensible follow-up to 2012’s The Afterman: Ascension. The effort suggests CaC — six albums deep into a wildly successful career — is ambitious as ever. Backstories and backstories to backstories still accompany the dutifully complex but still accessible anthems.

Nosaj Thing, Thursday, California Academy of Sciences

Suspend disbelief and let this L.A. sound-tweaker manipulate your mood while taking in the wonders of the world at Academy of the Science’s “Nightlife.” Jason Chung, the mid-20-something sound programmer, has been garnering the praises of the web’s influential bloggers for a few years by now with his subtle but moving songcraft. His highly anticipated, soon-to-be-released album Home should get some airtime during this multi-pronged event. It’s also the 21st birthday party for NoisePop, and attendees will be treated to an in-depth explanation of what goes into some of our favorite adult beverages.

Limousines, Friday, DNA Lounge

The Limousines are local legends by now, even though they still fly below the mainstream radar. The band’s psych-dance-pop blend is something any SF scenester can be proud of. We can also respect their innovative methods off-stage as well. The band has earned a fair amount of press for using the social-fundraising platform Kickstarter to fund their upcoming album and earn a little extra beer money. They totaled $75,000 — WOW — so crank up your expectations.   

ALO, Friday and Saturday, The Fillmore

These Jack Johnson disciples have been regulars up and down the Pacific coastline for well over 15 years. Now their star is starting to shine on an international level. Two dates at the Fillmore is a testament to the band’s ever-growing popularity. And the reason for that rise? Perhaps it has something to do with an undying desire to differentiate their live shows — last year’s tour in support of the album Sounds Like This featured a haunted traveling carnival theme, and in 2011 they turned their production into a Vegas-themed show, showgirls included. Refreshing twists from the typically tame jam-band circuit.


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