Best Live Music Picks of the Week, Post-Outside Lands Edition


“Hair of the dog” applies to music addicts, not just your neighborhood lush. Best way to fight the Outside Lands 2012 hangover is getting right back on the live music horse. Here are four concerts that should do the trick:

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tuesday-Wednesday, Oracle Arena

Give ‘em credit, in the 20-plus years Anthony Kiedis, Flea and co. have been making their distinct brand of Cali-rock, they’ve rarely wavered from their initial intent of spreading the punk sermon. Even if that idea has been diluted in recent years — being a punk meant an entirely different thing pre-Hot Topic when the Chili Peppers first implored a generation to Give it Away, way back in 1991 — the message of righteousness bears repeating. Of course, they’ve got fresh ideas in the cooker, too. The band just released a few new tracks as part of a plan to release two tracks at a time over the course of six months.

Twin Shadow, Thursday-Friday, GAMH

Twin Shadow is the stage name for the tragically hip Brooklyn-based bandleader/part-time model/uber-bohemian George Lewis Jr. There’s something in his voice and aura that screams “this is important,” and we can’t help but think this is only the beginning of long, storied career for the band (lest he not expire prematurely, as he hints was almost the case on his last tour in this Pitchfork interview). First listens reveal an ‘80s-ish noir pop aesthetic, a theme that continues on the devastating recent album Confess, which takes various routes to the head and heart. Get into it. Tickets are still available for the Friday night gig — get ‘em now, trust.

Phish, Friday-Saturday-Sunday, Bill Graham Civic Center

I’m never unsurprised by the vast following Phish continues to enjoy, given that they’ve received such little help from the mainstream powers that be. Yet here they are again, booking the Bill Graham for three consecutive nights (and streaming a live webcast of the gigs), despite scant hipness factor or radioplay. They get it done the old fashioned way — absurd talent and musicianship, and a bandleader in Trey Anastasio who can jam his way out of any predicament. Weed helps, too.

Nosaj Thing, Friday, Public Works

Suspend disbelief for a moment and let this L.A. sonic manipulator tweak your mood in subtle but effective ways. You’ll be in good hands with 24-year-old sound programmer Jason Chung, who has been earning the praises of the underground’s more influential blogger/scenester types. This is also a great excuse to relish in one of San Fran’s great  venues. The acoustics/sound set-up/visuals situation at this Mission music hall will be the perfect setting for this chilllllll psych-electro act. 


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