Beyoncé Brings Sasha Fierce to Oakland


If you’ve never bought into the concept of people being born to do certain things, you’ve never seen Beyoncé live in concert. 

The artist otherwise known as Sasha Fierce (the onstage alter-ego for whom her newest album is named) brought her “I Am” tour to the Oakland Arena Friday night and performed an electric two-hour set full of energy, emotion, and rock star attitude. After witnessing her nonstop show, it’s impossible to imagine the former Destiny’s Child frontwoman/current solo superstar doing anything else with her life besides dominating a crowd. Beyoncé was born to perform, period.

Pop music skeptics might roll their eyes at something as mainstream as an arena concert filled with special effects (careful, that blasé hipster liner took hours to apply), but the show is rooted completely in raw talent. While the giant LED background screen, Thierry Mugler costumes, and harnessed flying are pretty spectacular, nothing upstages Beyoncé’s skills. Whether she’s leading a tightly choreographed dance break in six-inch heels or belting out a heart-wrenching ballad, she’s always got the audience wrapped around her finger. And anyone that thinks Beyoncé might be a one-trick R&B pony needs to see her rockin’ take on Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know.” Scorned women everywhere would be proud.

And though she may as well be a Maxim men’s fantasy brought to life, Beyoncé is all about girl power. Every member of the singer’s all-female band packs a mean musical punch and gives each little girl in the audience a positive role model to emulate – no small feat in the world of celebrity nonsense.

But even with all the impressive onstage support, all eyes end up on the show’s star. Hard work pays off, but it’s clear within the first five minutes of a Beyoncé show that none of her contemporaries even come close (sorry Britney). And if you had any doubt left, the adorable home videos shown during the middle and end of the concert prove it – this girl was born to entertain. Not to mention that “Single Ladies” dance just never gets old.

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