A few months ago, I wrote “Drink Big” about the very large, German-style glasses at the beer and sausage hangout, Gestalt. And now, I’m here to tell you about another, entirely different sort of place where you can get more extra-large beers—Osha Thai.

This photo was taken at the Embarcadero location, and I must say that I needed every drop of that beer to squelch the fire blazing in my mouth from the liberally spiced dishes. The food is great, and the very forward-thinking drinking program here (a la Slanted Door) goes far above and beyond what you'll find at most Thai restaurants.

Also, very cool is that not only do they list their cocktails on their website, but they also list the recipes. I haven't seen that before, but love the gesture (even if the cocktails are a little on the sweet side for my palate).