Bike Messenger Service Delivers Anything, Anytime (Seriously!)


Like a lot of bike messengers in the age of the Internet, Chas Christiansen found himself out of a job. But he wasn’t going to hang his head low and sadly pedal his fixie into the sunset. Instead, he started his own bike messenger service—TCB (Taking Care of Business), a deluxe courier service aimed at bringing you anything you want, any time of day.

What’s the most popular order? “The food that you wished delivered—Little Star Pizza and barbeque from Memphis Minnie’s,” says Christiansen. But TCB also does their fair share of other things you might find yourself needing and not wanting to leave your house for: Nyquil, condoms, a six pack of beer, ice cream...

Now in their second year of business, TCB is partnering directly with a number of San Francisco restaurants that don’t normally deliver—like Ike’s Place, and Jay’s Cheesesteak. And with the partner restaurants, delivery is free—like the fresh dosas I got from Udupi Palace last week. 

How’s it work? “Just go online and order it,” says Christensen,  “or call us, if you prefer.” TCB delivers anywhere in the city and charges a relatively small fee, based on your location.

So the next time you get a craving for Ike’s sandwiches, a pint of Three Twins ice cream, and a bottle of whiskey, drop a line to TCB. Within minutes you’ll have all of your goodies at your door, and in the arms of a cute SF messenger. Ain’t 21st century living grand? 

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