Heads up bicycle and indie music lovers, an awesome pedal-powered music tour is coming your way. The Bay Rising Tour, with local bands Rupa and the April Fishes and Shake Your Peace, will literally be rolling their way through their ten-day Bay Area tour, starting this morning.

Bands touring by bike isn’t a new phenomenon, but the Bay Rising bands aren’t just pedaling way from show to show, they’re actually powering the shows by bike. The entire Bay Rising sound system is bicycle generated, and the bands are relying on you—the audience members—to keep the beats coming.

Interested in doing more than just taking a spin at the leg-powered generator? The Bay Rising folks want you to know you’re welcome to join them on any portion of their tour. Since they’ll be hauling 100 pounds of equipment behind them, cyclists of any ability are welcome. This weekend’s weather looks pretty good for a full day bike tour. Martinez or Vallejo could be a nice destination. If you’re looking for the shortest bike ride, check out their final show at The Independent on April 28.