Granted the bike-to-work concept is a bit, as the Australians say, "like falling off a log," especially for you day-to-day pedalers, but methinks tomorrow's 16th Annual Bike to Work event is meant to inspire commuters of the four-wheel kind (and yes, that includes bus riders—maybe you'll trade the dank recesses of Muni transportation for fresh air and a little invigorating exercise!). If you cycle the well-traveled corridors—along the Panhandle and the Wiggle, for example—you'll hit Energizer Stations that will hand out some pretty good schwag, including water and commemorative canvas bags (I still use mine from past years to haul groceries and gym clothes. Not at the same time, but you get the idea. More eco brownie points for me!). If you like free things like I do, that's reason enough to jump on your bike. Good luck to all the novice cycle commuters tomorrow—I do hope the seasoned two-wheel aces (and the car drivers) aren't too aggressive or territorial with their lanes. That would kinda defeat the purpose of this community affair. If such is the case, never fear. The universe has an ultra-sensitive checks-and-balances system called "karma" that will register even the most minute offense.