Bikes Allowed on BART All Day Fridays in August


Huge news for people wanting to commute regionally by bike! Tomorrow BART will launch a pilot that removes the bike ban during rush hour commute times. Until now, there’s been a “bike blackout” period in effect every morning and evening. But all that’s going to change—at least for these five Fridays in August.

So now’s your chance to grab that happy hour drink with your friend on the other side of the water, pedal to an evening art opening in Oakland, or maybe just explore the restaurants in Glen Park. Face it, it’s been too long since you left your neighborhood.

Or, if you’re a regular cross-bay commuter, the pilot might just change your life. The “bike blackout” period makes biking to work challenging for cross-bay commuters. Until now, bike riders have had to leave their steeds unattended all day at stations, or try and score one of the coveted spots on the bike busses to the East Bay.

If successful, this pilot may become permanent, opening up regional travel by bike and helping ease the challenge of crossing the “hot lava” that is the Bay.

If you’re bringing your bike onboard during this pilot, follow a few simple rules:

·     If the car is full wait for another train, and do not try to wedge a bike into a crowded car.

·     Refrain from holding doors to get your bike inside, as this delays the train.

·     Be mindful of your fellow riders and make your are leaving other people adequate space.

·     When possible use the designated “bike space” on the cars that have it. 
Yield to pregnant, disabled and elderly passengers.

Basically, be awesome. And make this work. Because your friends on the other side of the water miss you. To learn more about the pilot and this history of bikes on BART, visit

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