On Wednesday, April 2 the San Francisco Symphony held a special VIP cocktail reception at the Robert Fountain Design Studio to celebrate the launch of the 2008 Black and White Ball. In attendance were SF Symphony President John Goldman and Black and White Ball Chair Patricia Sprincin, who unveiled the all-star entertainment lineup for this year’s festivities, which include big-name acts like Seal, Blues Traveler and Pete Escovedo.

Virginia Lukkes, Judy Webster

Jen Franks, Jill Deitch

Michelle Robertson, Gary Ginstling

Ken McNeely, Lynn Bunim, Bob Lasher

Michael Copani, Madonna Elsbury, Michael Colaneri

Carlos Garcia, Brent Assink

Michele Prisk, Nina Prisk

Brent Assink, Patricia Sprincin

Lauren Dickinson, John Bickford, Andrea Coen

Michael Colaneri

Jill Deitch, Dennis Agnes

Genelle Relfe, Ken McNeely

Genelle Relfe, Ken McNeely, Patricia Sprincin

Paula Pretlow, Patricia Dunn, Marcia Skall

Manjula Noone, V'Anne Singelton

Courtenay Corrigan, Liz Manners Keogh

Liz Manners Keogh, Anne Herrera, Patricia Sprincin, Paula Pretlow, Anette Harris

Anne Herrera, Paula Pretlow