Blue Light Special


With a family that firmly believes in “wine-thirty” (in the Deseran clan, that would be 5:30 pm—the time of day considered late enough for our nightly bottle, or two, to be uncorked), I’m always looking for reasonably priced selection to pull out of the cupboard. And lucky for me, the deal of the century is going on right now at Good Life Grocery Store (448 Cortland St., 415-648-3221) in Bernal Heights, just up the street from my house.

Because Bonny Doon Vineyards ( is closing out its European portfolio (wines that they put their label on but don’t make themselves), Good Life purchased all 1230 cases of this inventory and is selling the variety of wines for $4.99 a bottle. You heard me right. $4.99 a bottle. Odwalla costs more than that.

The selection includes mostly Italian varietals, from the “kooky arena of Italia’s furthest flung locales” as Bonny Doon puts it in its typical Randall Grahm-esque ( banter, including a red and white from Piemonte and a white from Puglia. I’ve bought cases of it and will buy more until the 500 remaining cases are sold out. Most of it is easy drinking, low alcohol and mostly delicious.

In fact, come to think of it, I’m not sure this blog is going to do me any favors. But then again, if it gets people into a great local grocery store by way of getting me less cheap wine, I suppose I can look at it as a sobering act of karma.
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