Breezi Offers Pixel-Level Control for Designing Your Own Website


Berkeley-based Freshout, an interactive product development agency that has been building web products for clients over the past six years, is soft-launching its first consumer product this week, a hosted website creation platform called Breezi.

Breezi is for people who want to move beyond the turn-key templates at Wordpress or Blogger, and create something much more customized, complete with pixel-level control.

“It’s for creatives of all types,” says Freshout’s Chris Anderson. “Whether for a designer, marketer, copywriter, photographer, or other creative professional, Breezi let's you create an amazing website.”

The user interface is simple and intuitive, and you don’t need to learn CSS, html, or JavaScript to use it. As you move elements around, adding content, you can see how it’s going to look in real-time.

In this way, the platform removes the abstraction from the mix.

“You see it as you go,” is how Anderson puts it.

Some of its features, like placing your cursor on a line that then allows you to move one way or the other, will be familiar to users of Photoshop or other photo-editing software.

“Things we’ve seen people struggle with for years we’ve tried to make easy,” says Anderson. Things like adding links, or snippets of code from services like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, etc.

Anderson says that the company’s long term goal is “making this as versatile of a tool as possible, in terms of allowing for all different types of websites to be created and managed using Breezi, which will leverage a growing library of apps and other customization options.”

The company has taken no outside funding to develop Breezi, financing it exclusively with its internal funds to date. A team of 15 is working on the product.

Once it emerges from beta, Breezi will likely be priced as a hosted, premium tool for around $15/month.

Anderson will be presenting Breezi at the next SF NewTech event on March 21.

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