Broke-Ass Stuart's "F--- The Recession" Party Recap


Adorned with hand-made macaroni bracelets, headbands and necklaces, the booze-mooching crowd at Broke-Ass Stuart's Rickshaw Stop party last night polished off the free keg within a matter of 30 minutes. Providing copious amounts of wheat products on the first day of Passover had his conscience stewing, so Stuart repented by buying Matzo for everyone. Hooray!

Besides beer and Matzo, other diversions were a "Make your own button" station, unique screened shirts by Extra Fuerte, on sale at a "donation price," and DIY Indie-Mart booths, where you could make your own silk screened shirts. There was also a "F**k The Recession" wall, covered with stuff like “I lost my job, can I have yours?” and “I still have a job, drinks on me”  (in addition to crude anti-recession slogans).

SF local Richie Cunning took us by surprise with his ruthless lyrics and non-stop attitude. The house favorite was Cunning’s, “Richie Cunning’s Day Off” backed by a carefully re-mastered version of the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off theme song. The boys and girls were dripping sweat by the end of this one.

Sugar and Gold dominated the stage with funky disco dance rhythms and flippant lyrics that made everyone gyrate without restraint. The encore presentation was delivered by a pants-less lead singer, Philipp Minnig a.k.a Pam -- a fine way to end the evening. Let’s just say Broke-Ass Stuart knows how to throw a shindig. Thanks for the drinks Stuart!


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