Broken Lizard, the five-man comedy troupe that gave us the hilariously stupid classics Super Troopers and Beerfest, are coming to Cobb's. Presented by Sketchfest, Farva (aka Kevin Heffernan) and the gang will play four shows, Friday, September 4 and Saturday, September 5 at 8:00p and 10:15p. The shows will mix improv, new sketches, film clips, stand-up, and Q&A about what it's like to be as deranged as these guys are. Expect special guest appearances by characters from Broken Lizard movies.

Speaking of movies, the troupe's latest film, The Slammin' Salmon, is due out some time this year (trailer below). Let's hope it's more Super Troopers and less Club Dread, the Broken Lizard film we will pretend never happened.