Well, she's been back for a while, but I never made a note of it. If you remember, I posted back in January about Range bartender Brooke Arthur, who was injured with smoke inhalation in an apartment fire back on New Year's Eve. Well, after several long months of recuperation, she returned first to the city and, a couple of months ago, then to her job.

I recently stopped by on a busy night. Chatting with Brooke was difficult, as she was a whirlwind churning out drink after drink, but I did get to try a couple of the exceptional cocktails at Range, including Brooke's original Blue Bell (bourbon, crème de violette, blueberries, lemon, bitters) and the refreshing Green Thumb (Plymouth gin, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, basil, orange). It was great to see her back behind the stick, and equally great to taste the deliciousness that's emerging these days from the bar at Range.