photography by Tanya Johnsen & Drew Altizer

Brooks Brothers held a private cocktail party celebrating the Black Fleece line and honoring the Junior Committee of the Fine Arts Museums of SF.

Andrea Zellner_Mark Welte Allison McCoy Courtney McBain_Nancy Bowman
Andrea Zellner, Mark Welte                    Allison McCoy               Courtney McBain, Nancy Bowman

Ken Fulk_Nirav Tolia Kelly Thomas_Lydia Kim Rachel Shin_Jeff Collin
Ken Fulk, Nirav Tolia                     Kelly Thomas, Lydia Kim          Rachel Shin, Jeff Collin

Lisa Kopp_Jane Corrigan_Stephanie Plexico Larry Acorn_Laura Roche
Lisa Kopp, Jane Corrigan, Stephanie Plexico                       Larry Acorn, Laura Roche

Robb_Shauley_McNamara Lana & John Adair
Phillip Robb, Ryan Shauley, Patrick McNamara              Lana & John Adair

Jessica Patridge, Pakeala Beane, George Cottrell, Isabella Gutierrez

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