Burberry held an event benefiting amfAR where 200 or so guests sipped on cocktails while shopping for items from the autumn/winter 2007 collection.

Shirin Mo_Mya Gervis Vivianne Stapt_Mark Stapt Marta Koepke_Renee Singh
Shirin Mo, Mya Gervis                   Vivianne & Mark Stapt                Marta Koepke, Renee Singh

Nona Volfson_Rada Katz Katie Baines_Lakie Wakim Mario Diaz_Jorge Maumier
Nona Volfson, Rada Katz            Katie Baines, Lakie Wakim      Mario Diaz, Jorge Maumier

Franklin Fry_Julie Candace_Bryan Lammers Jacinda Wong_Robin Wu
Franklin Fry, Julie Candace, Bryan Lammers                  Jacinda Wong, Robin Wu

Makras_Zeiger_Hamilton Bradley Ferrell_Sarah Berger
Victoria Makras, Sarah Zeiger, Beth Hamilton                Bradley Ferrell, Sarah Berger

Jessica Knuzynski, James Coulter, Pilar Pearson, Gwen Banducci

Gail Deferrari, Nick Augustinos, Marcy Carmack, Karen Block

John Derryberry, Braun Fremont, Julie Candace, Lance Holman

Chris Webb, Jennifer Olsen, JP Hailer, Marshall Alexander

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